The world of marketing has changed more dramatically in the past decade than it ever has in its entire history, and this continuous growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, Artificial Intelligence is now significant in just about every aspect when it comes to digital marketing. Eventually, this resulted in the development of several marketing tools and strategies used by marketers to keep up with competitors. 

However, with such a large pool of options to choose from, it can often be tedious trying to look for the appropriate strategies that will be effective for your brand.

Often online articles will tell you to make use of free apps such as a character counter tool or market managing robots. 

The field of marketing is a land of constant trial and error. Amongst those trials, we were able to uncover the top 10 ways to effectively market your brand online. And also follow The24HourMarketer digital marketing related guides to scale up any of your business the right way.

1. User-Generated Content

This strategy makes use of user-generated content in such a way that appeals to the younger generations. By providing incentives to your audience you can increase engagement rates on your site significantly. 

A good example of this is GoPro’s YouTube channel solely dedicated to user-generated content. Their channel shows off the high-quality videos made by their products.

Another advantage of user-generated content is that it is versatile and highly relevant, so it can be repurposed for paid ads, whether on YouTube or other channels. This content acts as social proof and helps you build trust with your audience. Moreover, it does not look like traditional ads and helps fight ad fatigue. published a great guide on how to combat ad fatigue and stay relevant to your audience. “. 


2. Use Geo-Fencing 

To put it simply, geo-fencing allows real-time audience targeting based on a user’s location. This is a marketing strategy most fuel companies use on Waze to alert nearby people that an available branch is nearby.

Geo-fencing is one of those ways that companies can market a user to convert from just digital users to brick-and-mortar consumers. 


3. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the practice of mining data and the usage of machine learning and predictive modeling to identify an individual user’s patterns to better suggest products a consumer might enjoy.


4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the trendiest marketing strategies today. According to research, 70% of users say they have shared a brand’s video before and 72% of companies state that video marketing has effectively improved their conversion rate as well.


5. SEO A/B Split Testing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) split testing enables you to isolate variables that increase traffic to acquire a targeted approach to certain content changes.

Using this marketing strategy will allow you to improve the click-through rate (CTR) which is the number of clicks and traffic your platform gets.


6. Programmatic Advertising

This method requires the use of AI to automate ad buying, which then, in turn, targets more specific audiences. Automated advertising is a quicker and more efficient way to market your brand on several different online platforms. 


7. Personalization 

Standing out from your competitors is one of the most sure-fire ways to get the attention of your targeted audience. Personalizing your brand doesn’t just make it more attractive, but it is also a good way to show off your personality. 

Consumers are constantly hungry for variety and will often look at your brand more if you spice up your image regularly. 


8. Influencer Marketing

This marketing method focuses on using key leaders to drive your brand’s message to the public. Influencers can be anyone related to your niches such as celebrities, iconic online personalities, and known figures. 

This is effective because 92% of people trust other consumer’s recommendations. 


9. Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the biggest platforms on the internet today. With so many people spending most of their time online on these different platforms, it makes it a gold mine for online marketing. 

There are two key strategies for marketing your brand on social media. 

The first is by creating your own brand’s official page and posting updates regarding products and events involving you. The second is by directly contacting your brand’s followers and direct marketing through chat. 


10. Voice Search and Smart Speakers

The increasing popularity of voice search functions has forced companies to re-develop their marketing strategies to optimize this feature. 

Adopting a marketing strategy that allows you to remain relevant with current trends is a key factor for marketing success. Voice search provides all relevant information to the user without needing to get up or type. This feature is most often used on smartphones and personal AI assistants like Siri or Alexa.


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