Employees are a vital component of every business organization. They are termed as the lifeline of a business organization. However, hiring and managing employees in an organization is a tedious task. A company requires hardworking and talented employees for keeping it running for years to come. Moreover, even after the employees have been recruited, one has to constantly make sure that employees are performing their assigned tasks using best of their abilities.

Company also has to make sure that employees are happy and satisfied with amount of work they are getting regularly. Creation of proper working environment and communication is also essential. All these tasks cannot be performed by an organization on its own. They require the help of a certain professional who has the required expertise in the area of recruitment and management of employees. This is the point where HR professionals come into the light.

An HR recruiter or professional has a number of responsibilities towards an organization and the employees who are subsequently hired by him/her. Some are listed below:

  1. Talent acquisition:

The first and the foremost task of every HR professional is to hire talented employees for the organization. They have to acquire the employees who have the skills and abilities which are right for the organization. They conduct various seminars and organize workshops in order to attract talented pool of candidates for taking up job in the organization. They even conduct campus placements drives for direct recruitment.

  1. Screening of employees from amongst the applications received:

HR professionals are vested with the duty to identify the best candidates for the job by screening the applications received for recruitment. They conduct various interviews and tests for selecting the best candidate for the job.

  1. Ensuring timely payment of salaries and perks:

They even make sure that employees are getting their salaries at the proper time and in the right amount as promised upon recruitment. They even make sure that the employees feel safe while working in the organization. Creating a safe working environment for the employees is their most important job.

  1. Appraisal:

Apart from ensuring employees happiness and safety, they are also vested with the responsibility of conducting appraisals at the end of the year. They conduct surveys and analyse the work performed by employees throughout the year. They create reports on the basis of this survey which helps in deciding whether an employee must be promoted or demoted accordingly to the best interest of the organization.

These duties make an HR the most important individual in an organization. Therefore, it becomes essential to hire the best Individual who can carry out the responsibilities of an HR with full sincerity and perseverance.

An organization can use various methods for selecting the best candidate for taking up the post of an HR. Using traditional system of screening resumes and conducting interviews may not reveal the true skills and talents an individual possesses. Therefore, companies have started using online aptitude tests for selecting the best man or woman for the job.

An Aptitude test measures an individual learning ability i.e. assessment of an individual’s mental abilities with which he/she can take right decisions and perform best according organizational needs. This aptitude test for HR recruiter help in revealing some hidden talents and traits of a potential recruit which may not be revealed by conventional methods.

Every aptitude test has three major sections:

  1. Verbal ability – comprehension and language abilities;the ability to speak and interact with fellow members and employees.
  2. Quantitative aptitude – ability to use number logically and for the betterment of the organization.
  3. Logical reasoning – ability to solve complex problems by using mental abilities.

These tests are an important part of overall aptitude assessment which predicts an HR’s ability to manage and help employees in the future. The test can contain a range of questions of different types like MCQ’s, true & false, comprehension questions, case studies and fill in the blanks etc.The performance of an individual in these three sections decides whether or not individual possesses the right level of technical and business knowledge which is must according to the industrial experts.

These tests grade an individual on the basis of various traits they possess:

  1. Flexibility:

This measures the ability of an individual to adapt himself/herself according to changing times. An individual who can learn continuously and change himself for the betterment of the organization and employees is considered to be the best HR professional.

  1. Leadership skills:

An individual who has the necessary leadership skills and can earn their employees trust are termed the best HR managers.

  1. Business skills:

HR professional must have problem solving skills. He/she must aware about the happenings in the business world and should be able to help create a better business strategy for the organization as a whole.

  1. Relationship building and improvement skills:

An HR manager should be able to resolve conflicts between employees and supervisors. They should have empathy and deep understanding of the problems employees face while working in an organization.

These aptitude tests are best suited for the organizations where HR plays a major role in overall success of an enterprise. It can be used companies engaged in providing different services like:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Retail and manufacturing
  3. Banking and insurance
  4. Information technology solutions
  5. Telecommunications services

These tests can be created by an organization on its own or can be outsourced from a company provides such services. Mettl is one such company which through its assessment tests, analytics programs and talent measurement experts helps an organization search and hire the best HR professional. This enables the top management hire an elite HR professional who can efficiently manage the human resource pool of an organization i.e. employees. Moreover, the assessment results are backed by strong analysis programs and psychological professionals which makeMettl the best company for developing and providing aptitude tests for hiring HR professionals. HR managers are the ones directly connected to employees which make them essential for successfully running a business.


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