Essay writing has become the most challenging affair for students. The increasing academic demands and homework that every teacher gives out to their students have overburdened them. Whether they have to write an essay on a simple subject or a bit complex topic, many students find the task overwhelming.

Writing a high-quality and meaningful essay is not easy at all. One should possess critical thinking, researching, and effective writing skills. Students struggling to improve their academic writing skills should learn how to break down each task into convenient parts. It will not only help them in obtaining high grades at the end of the semester but will improve their academic reputation as well.

If you are one of those students who want to enhance their writing abilities, then don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Heeding tips mentioned in the article will help you to draft an effective paper. Be sure to check out this article till the end plus a very important part of essays is plagiarism, check for plagiarism using a free tool!


1.    Select a Topic

Sometimes students are assigned with a topic to write a paper on, and sometimes they have to pick the topic of their choice. If you’re not assigned any topic, then you have to do a little extra work. For picking a topic, sit back and calm your mind and define your purpose. Is your essay to persuade or inform? Once you’ve defined your purpose, start by brainstorming and begin to jot down ideas that flow through your mind. Lastly, evaluate your opinions and choose the most interesting and relevant topic out of all.


2.    Create an Outline

To write an effective essay, organize your thoughts. Pen down on a piece of paper what is already in your mind regarding the topic.  Write down all the main ideas separately. This will help you create connections and build links between ideas more visibly. This structure will lay down a foundation for your academic essay. Another approach is to write outlines. Divide your essay into introduction, body, and conclusion. This skeleton will help you write an organized essay. It is the part of writing an essay were students often struggles, and they choose to buy essays online instead of writing themselves.


3.    Create a Thesis Statement

Once you have your structure laid down and main ideas written, it’s time to start writing your essay. Start by writing a thesis statement which defines the purpose of your essay. Keep your main ideas and outline in mind while writing a thesis statement. Your statement will carry both the topic and the main argument of your paper. However, make sure to write it at the beginning of the essay and don’t forget to refer it a few times in the essay.


4.    Write the Body

In the body of your essay, you will explain and describe your topic properly. All the main ideas that you wrote down earlier will become separate sections. You’ll have to follow the same structure for each body paragraph. Start by writing the main idea as your first sentence and then write your supporting ideas to complete the paragraphs.


5.    Write the Introduction

Now that you’ve finished writing your thesis and the body of your essay, you need to write an attention-grabbing introduction that also states the focus of your paper. For making your introduction catchy, you can begin with a famous quote, dialogue, a story, or just a summary of your topic. Whatever you choose, be sure it goes with your thesis statement well.


6.    Write the Conclusion

The conclusion of your essay will sum up overall ideas while delivering a final viewpoint of your topic. Keep your conclusion short up to 3-5 strong lines. Never introduce any new idea or argument at the conclusion. Simply summarize your prior statements. Once you are done writing your conclusion, proofread your draft and bring final changes if needed.







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