If you’ve recently moved into a new home, chances are, the property doesn’t yet feel all that warm or welcoming. You can’t allow for this to be the case for too long though, as a lack of an inviting atmosphere within your humble abode could start making people not want to visit you.


If you want to start showing off your new home to your friends and family, you need to set about the task of making the property feel warm and welcoming right away. Here are four things you must do when you take on this all-important challenge:


Tend to your entryway


The entryway is the first part of your home that guests are going to experience. In order to ensure that they are met with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere at this all-important time, you must:


  • Keep the area clutter-free (put your shoes away, clear away your mail, etc.)
  • Ensure that the space is well lit
  • Put down a good old-fashioned doormat that reads ‘Welcome’


Create intimacy with your seating arrangement


The seating arrangement that you opt for will play a pivotal role in how warm and welcoming your home (particularly your living room) is made to feel. If you want to succeed in this instance, then you should lay your chairs out in a way that creates intimacy. This can be achieved by pushing your seats closer together, ensuring that they’re not separated by too many objects, and making sure that nobody is forced to sit with their back to anyone else. Do all of this, and you’ll be sure to facilitate a comforting and pleasant experience for all those that spend time in your living room.


Opt for appealing textures


You can make any area in your home seem a lot cosier than it actually is if you fill it with appealing textures. So what constitutes an appealing texture? This is a type of material or fabric that invites people to touch it, such as a fluffy rug or a piece of smooth wooden furniture.


Embrace the vintage look


If you’re looking to make your new home feel warm and welcoming, then you might want to consider going down the vintage route when giving your property an interior design makeover. Styles that are befitting of decades gone by are not as harsh as modern designs, which makes them less harsh to the eye and, ultimately, a lot more comforting. 


When taking on the challenging of embracing the vintage look in your new home, you must:


  • Shop at vintage retailers, such as Eclipse Furniture who sell vintage chairs online
  • Hang up real paintings
  • Make use of organic materials
  • Mix and match when it comes to the style eras that you embrace
  • Have crown molding installed
  • Paint your walls with lime wash
  • Look for worn (but not worn-out) rugs
  • Give wallpaper a go
  • Fill your home with house plants


Put the above advice into practice, and your new home will be warm and welcoming in no time.


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