We have already know tons of information about thousands of beautiful destinations around the world. They are all located in various corners of our planet Earth and attract millions of people every year. Each continent has its own charming places, villages, towns, and cities to visit.

If you are interested in traveling to such destinations, you can read some authors who like to write articles or essays about absolutely gorgeous mountains or lakes, rivers and seas, oceans and waterfalls. Also, there are many man-built places, which were extremely important a few centuries ago and now they are historic and tourist attraction. One of these places is Paisley, a Scottish town.

The town is located in the central part of the country. It is an administrative centre of Renfrewshire council area in Scotland. Over 73 190 people live in the city, and the area of the town is fully covered with gorgeous modern buildings, churches, cathedrals, squares, and parks.

If I needed to write my research paper about this place, I would have described the modern infrastructure and historic background of the town. It is gorgeous and reflects some of the most famous moments of the history of Scotland.

The very first place you will see if you fly to the town is an airport. This place works to serve people’s transportation needs. It is located in the central part of the country and connects southwest and northwest parts of it. Many employees from the town work there. The airport plays a significant role in the economic situation in the town. Local people also work there.

The second place is Paisley city hallб which is important as well. The building was built with the help of George Aitken Clark, benefactor and manufacturer. It is the place where people who live in Renfrewshire council area can get help from the government. An institution has several floors and serves people from Renfrewshire council area.

Paisley Museum and Central Library are also important destinations. It was constructed in neo-classical style. Moreover, these places are the most popular ones among the visitors. The museum is going to be repaired and modified according to modern style, so the visitors will enjoy seeing the best exhibitions and exhibits there. The library retains many important books as well.

There also a variety of churches and cathedrals built in different styles in the town of Paisley. They are popular attractions for visitors. Let’s look through the information about them.

One of the oldest is Paisley Abbey. Its history started in the 12th century. Unfortunately the abbey was rebuilt in 14th century because it was burnt down in 1307. Basically, it was a Cluniac monastery. This is a parish church nowadays. The abbey is located on the East of White Cart Water. By the way it is active now and worships are available for everyone. Now it is built in Gothic revival architecture style. The reconstructions also touche three important aspects: the tower, the choir, and the ceiling.

Thomas Coast memorial church is named after Thomas Coast, a famous Scottish manufacturer, well-educated man, who also took some part in charity for the school and park of the town. The building is a Baptist Church. It is also one of the examples of Gothic Revival architecture.

The St Mattew’s church is an example of both Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture in Scotland. This church is located on Gordon Street. Historians date building this church between 1905 and 1907.

There is also Holy Trinity Church. It is now known as Oakshaw Trinity Parish Church. It was built in 1756. The constructor was John White. This place was renovated and extended in 19th century. An organ is set inside the church, right under the tower. So every tourist can visit this place for listening the musical instrument.

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saint Mirin is one of the oldest cathedrals in Scotland. It is also known as the first cathedral that was built after the Scottish Reformation. The building is constructed in neo-Romanesque style. It was firstly constructed in 1931 to replace the old building from 1808.

Scottish people pay attention to their history and History of Europe. Paisley War Memorial that is called Cenotaph was an imaginative idea of Sir Robert Lorimer. This famous architect was the author of Scottish National War Memorial, which is located in Edinburgh Castle. Paisley War Memorial was revealed for the community on 27th of June 1924. It was an honor for families of 1953 men killed during the Great War.

Dooslan Stane is a sign connected to the textile industry of the country. According to some beliefs, the stones were a place for meeting the Weavers Union in the South of Paisley. It was also used as a “soapbox”. These stones were moved from their original place on the corner of Neilston Road and Rowan Street to its nowadays location in Brodie Park, Paisley.

Paisley is also famous for its educational institutions. First of all, these are University of the West of Scotland and West College Scotland. The university was granted its status in 1992, and it is a new one compare to other educational institution. Each of these institutions has its own campus.

Finally, the Anchors Mills in Paisley is a place for taking photos and seeing remarkable views. This is the place for quiet evenings, thinking, and listening music after a long journey around the town. It can be the last place to spend your evening and have some rest before leaving the town. Every tourist will remember beautiful sunset or sunrise there. Photos from this place are quite popular on the Internet.

Paisley is one of the most interesting towns to visit in Scotland. It is full of historic places, monuments, modern buildings, squares, and parks. It is overwhelmed with historical attractions for the most demanding tourists, especially if those are interested in the history of Europe and Scotland. You can find everything you are looking for in this historical town.



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