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Paisley is full of plenty of incredible people who don’t always get noticed – so we’ve put together a little list of those who are really changing our community for the better.

Curators and Keepers

There are many people in Paisley who are responsible for looking after our museums, heritage sites, and other areas of importance. The history of our town is important in who we are and where we’ve come from, so the people who have helped to maintain our history and culture deserve a well done for making our town what it is today, and educating us as well as the generations of the future.

School Teachers

The children of Paisley wouldn’t be the inspiring generation that they are without the help of our wonderful teachers. Nurturing the youth of the future is an important role and one which they manage to do superbly, helping us grow some of the most creative and intelligent minds in Scotland. They put in countless hours of work whilst maintaining a cheery, happy smile to help our kids through life and grow into amazing people, and for that, we have to thank them.


On SuperProf, plenty of our incredible people are advertising themselves as tutors for those in the community. Many are students making time for those who need a little extra support in a specific subject, but you can also find lots of others there too. Some even specialise in special educational needs children, meaning those who are most in need of support can access it. A very respectable career, and something which is making a massive impact on those who are struggling or just want an extra boost. It’s a gold star from us!


It goes without saying that the police do a fantastic job anywhere in the world, but it doesn’t hurt to say it anyway! Police take on a whole manner of jobs and face each with the utmost enthusiasm and bravery, and for them, we have to thank for the safety of our town. One constable who made the news recently was Special Constable Anderson, who’s been volunteering in the K Division for six years and has helped the community hugely – the perfect example of the kind of people we have keeping our town safe and the kind of amazing work they do to ensure it.

Pipe Bands

Our very own pipe bands deserve a mention – not only do they compete in the annual Pipe Band Championships and do us proud, but they also represent a large part of who we are as a culture. Without them, there would not be as much pride and love for Scotland and our wonderful country, and things instrumental to Scottish culture like bagpipes would be less present. They celebrate our Scottish roots and help make our town lively, vibrant and a lot of fun, and so they’re not to be forgotten. 


There are plenty of people looking out for the residents of Paisley, but vets go one further and look out for our little furry friends and pets. Come sickness, injury or just a check-up, our vets are making sure that our loved animals are looked after and healthy. Not only is it great work for the animals in Paisley, but keeps our residents happy, too – without our pets, our town would be a much less happy place, and vets make sure that this happiness is always around. Doing everything they can for our beloved animals, they make sure we’re happy too and keep our spirits high. 


Local artists of Paisley are deserving of a mention here – they are what makes our culture and heritage so rich. Not only do they showcase the talent we harbour here in Paisley but are responsible for inspiring others in the area and giving us a bit of happiness and joy. They also capture Paisley like no one else could – their unique insight into our town and how they see it fills their work and we’re grateful that they’re part of our community to help brighten it up and create masterpieces.

Charity Workers

There are plenty of people in our community who need help and support, which is why charity workers make such a big difference to Paisley. Charities focus on helping people who need support the most, and so this means even the ones who are struggling can be made to feel important and supported in accessing the tools and help they need. Many charity workers are volunteers, meaning they offer their own free time to make this happen, something which takes a lot of heart. These people deserve a lot of respect, as without them, many people would feel left behind and without hope.

Runners and Fundraisers

After the Paisley fun run in August this year, we have all of those who took part to thank in improving our community. Not only does the fun run support charities such as Erskine (support for veterans), but it adds an exciting, fun-fuelled day that symbolises what Paisley is all about. Without them, events like this could not happen and we’d lose the passion and energy that makes Paisley so great. So, they certainly earned gold here!


Firefighters play a huge role in keeping our town safe, and they do it perfectly. Accidents happen, and when they do, firefighters face it head-on and sort the situation with fierce bravery. This kind of bravery is what makes Paisley so great and strengthens our community, not only by keeping people safe but by knowing they are protected and looked after. 

Local Business Owners

Local business owners also deserve a shout out – there’s no question that they work hard, and with many of them using local materials and produce, they’re perfect for promoting our heritage and culture. They also offer us a bit of luxury – those who help out at the Farmer’s market do too, as well as maintaining our community feel and celebrating Scotland and everything we get from it. With the colour and vibrancy that they bring to Paisley, they’re very much deserving of taking a place on this list.


We would be struggling without our nurses – whether they’re looking after our elderly or caring for our disabled, those who need it most are certain to get the quality care they deserve, and that’s all thanks to our wonderful nurses. Often, they work long hours and keep a smile despite sometimes things not going so well, and work to keep us healthy and hopeful. Many hospices also run events – for example, St Vincent’s Hospice hosted a remembrance service to help remember those who we have lost and look to the future, helping to bring our community together during tough times and making sure everyone feels as if they matter and are cared about. 


Without each and every one of our residents, Paisley wouldn’t be the same. Our community is what makes us who we are, and what gives us character and spirit, and without every single contribution big or small, it just wouldn’t be the same. So, thank you for making Paisley such a happy place to live in. 

With all of these wonderful people in Paisley, it’s no wonder it’s such a beautiful place to live. Make sure to thank the people you come across for the work they do for our community and thank yourself too!