Car hire in Alicante: Things to Know Before Rental

For those British who want to discover new amazing places by car, Alicante will be a great starting point in Spanish adventures. In this case, car rental will be the best companion. An independent trip by car allows you to enjoy a truly reliable and comfortable transport, views and relaxation in general. A number of interesting places are far from the base transport hubs. You will have to put up with the high prices of the rental and fuel itself. However, in any case, they will turn out to be cheaper than the subway, taxi services or continuous travel on buses and coaches.

What do I need to rent a car in Alicante?

Some distributors represent Firefly car hire in Alicante only to persons not younger than 21 years old. This requires the issuance of rights at least 12 or 24 months ago. Be attentive while reading the contract and pay attention to every word. Otherwise, a violation of a seemingly insignificant paragraph will result in a burdensome fine.

To conclude a lease agreement, you will need a passport, a driver’s license, a credit card for booking a deposit. Once the car is returned, the frozen amount will be returned.

How to rent a car in Alicante?

Actually, it is possible to hire a car in Alicante in two ways. The best one is the online booking. It will be better if you book a car beforehand using the Internet, this option is especially profitable in the hot season, when the situation with cars is stressful.

Another variant is directly upon arrival. You can find the budget car rental company Firefly at Alicante, which is located 10 km from the city limits.

How much does the car hire cost in Alicante?

Prices for car rental in Alicante airport and other places are determined primarily by the type of car. The minimum rental rate for a day is 15 EUR. The cost of rent usually includes limited insurance with a franchise. Its cost varies from 300 to 500 EUR. It is blocked by the rental company on your card until you return the car in the condition in which you were provided.

You can find the following most demanded car models – 20-30 EUR per day for Ford Focus, Citroen C4 or Renault Scenic, 35-50 EUR for Citroen C5 and Peugeot 308 when using Firefly car rental.

When traveling with children, think of a child seat in order to avoid unpleasant situations and fines.

You can refuel a car in Spain with unleaded 95th or 98th gasoline or diesel fuel. Before starting a rental, it is necessary to clarify the type of fuel suitable for your car.

Popular places in Alicante to visit

On a rented car you have no restrictions in moving – you can easily get to Benidorm and get acquainted with Spanish-style New York, visit Torrevieja – a picturesque resort town surrounded by many lakes, enjoy the solitude in old Gandia, in Altea with its abundance of art galleries and museums replenish your cultural experience a piggy bank, and in Calpe you can take beautiful photos from the observation deck on Mount Ifach.

Applying to the car hire in Alicante you can get to other major Spanish cities: for example, the A-7 highway will take you to Valencia (160 km), and along the M-40 highway you will reach Madrid and Toledo (a little over 400 km).

Take into account these tips for car rental in Alicante and you will receive only positive emotions from the trip!