Already booked your flight to Athens but not sure how to even begin planning the trip? Seeking the help of professional might be the solution to your problem. After all there are services that can create personalized tours just for you based on your preferences. Additionally, below you’ll find 10 tips that should help you prepare yourself for this amazing adventure.

  1. Visitors are recommended to confirm the opening hours of local museums and exhibitions, as this may vary depending on the season. On holidays (including religious holidays) some cultural and leisure establishments may remain closed. This is one of the first things you should do when planning your trip. The last thing you want is to show up excited in front of the museum doors and find out they’re closed.
  2. Getting a guided tour to see Athens is recommended if you want to delve deeper into Athens’ culture and history. Greek TravelTellers offer tailor-made tours that will get you to the heart of this beautiful ancient city. They will not only show you the most popular attraction on the surface level, but also allow you to see the city as a local and create your own story.
  3. Athenian drivers do not stand out for their great command of traffic rules, so even crossing the street at a place designated for this, be very careful.
  4. Taxi prices in Athens are the highest in all of Greece. If the taxi driver cannot tell you the exact price of the journey and asks for more than 30 euros, it is best to refrain from resorting to his service. The alternatives are public transport, which might not be the most convenient but is pretty reliable in Athens, and renting your own car. This option is the most convenient but not most economic.
  5. Athens is a quiet city, so you can stroll through its main streets even at night. Many stores and bars open 24 hours, so do not deprive yourself of enjoying the pleasures of the city’s nightlife.
  6. While it is not mandatory to thank the services provided by taxi drivers, waiters and hotel employees with a tip, it is recommended and most people tip well in Athens.
  7. Athens is a true paradise for smokers, since smoking is allowed almost anywhere and it will be difficult to find a sign that prohibits it in the city.
  8. In the local pharmacies, the professional experts of the sector will not only advise all the interested persons on the properties of different medicine, but they will also allow measuring blood pressure at no cost.
  9. Most stores and large shopping centers are closed on Sundays. In the opinion of experienced tourists, the most expensive items are usually electronic devices. In some commercial surfaces these devices can be almost twice as expensive as the European average. So plan your shopping spree accordingly!
  10. Virtually all beaches are public. But if the beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun beds, beach goers have to pay to use them. This is recommended and they’re usually rather cheap.

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