Children can be a headache to travel with especially when it’s an international trip. So can imagine when you move to a plane things have the potential to get a lot worse. As a parent, there are a couple of things you can do to avoid having a long stressful flight when traveling with your children. 

Although the pointers below are not a full proof plan, according to Movingbabies, using them can make your journey significantly less stressful. Here is what to do;

#01. Figure out Which Airline You Want to Use and Book Your Seats


The thought of your toddler screaming their discontent in another passenger’s ears, the whole flight, is probably one of the things you are dreading. While this might be a bit hard to avoid entirely, you can put some measures in place to prevent causing too much damage. 

When making the bookings, ask for an aisle and a window seat. This way, if the plane is not fully booked, you can also use the middle position to hold some of your things. If on the flip side all the seats are occupied, you can politely ask to exchange one of your places with the other passenger.


#02. Make a Doctor’s Appointment


You need to remember that as an adult, your immunity is a lot stronger than your child’s. Therefore, diseases and infection that may not faze you could seriously affect them. Therefore, see your doctor when you settle on a destination so that they can tell you which shots you need and when to get them.

#03. Start Packing Early


Most people always end up leaving something when they start packing at the last minute. When you have kids, this can be disastrous considering all the things you have to carry with you. Therefore, make a list of all you need to pack so that you have enough time to buy what you do not have. 

As long as your child is below the age of four, you will also need to have a reliable baby car seat and a functional baby stroller with you – the earlier you start packing, the less your chances of forgetting essential items.


#04. Socialize with Other Mums


Spending time to talk to other mum’s will give you insights you probably overlooked. They can give you tips on what to pack and hat to leave, how to keep your child calm during the flight, or even how to stay sane when your child does not behave.  It will also be good for you to talk to someone from the airline you plan to use. Developing good rapport will come in handy when you need a favor.


#05. Choose the Right Hotel


Dispel the notion that any hotel will be suitable for your family. By spending some tie online, you will notice that some places are more ideal for your family than others. Additionally, do not assume that they will provide you with things like cribs and baby food. 

Therefore, when you are making your reservation, make sure to include the fact that you have a child and to also put in your requests beforehand.


#06. Do Not Dilly Dally at Home


When you are traveling on your own, you can afford to delay at home and then hurry to the airport. With a child, this is not ideal. Therefore, work on your schedule to ensure that you can leave home with an hour to spare. This way, even if you get a flat tire on the road or your taxi is late you do not start getting frazzled because this anxiety will pass on to your child.


Being a parent can be overwhelming, especially if your child is under the age of five. Therefore, if you can get special treatment without having to offend or inconvenience anyone goes for it. Additionally, if you are stuck do not hesitate to ask for help – whether it is from other passengers, the flight attendants or even the airline’s front desk.