With the current technological advancements and everyone’s noses down on their devices, online shopping has become the norm. In fact, according to some ‘fake online prophets’ most stores will be closed down due to the lack of walk-in consumers. 

However, even with the convenience of shopping from your phone or laptop, some people are always paranoid that they might not get the product they desire or that their shopping account might get hacked, which is something worth worrying about. However, there are so many benefits to shop online.

Here are 10 online shopping tips from Mybestworkboots that will make you change your mind.

Get Down to Shopping Online Using These 10 Practical Shopping Tips

Nothing can replace the thrill and rush that comes with walking in a physical work boot store and buying mens stylish boots that you have been eyeing for a while now.

However, how many advantages are there for online shopping? For one, if you are a busy person, having a shop 24 hr, with a whole portfolio at your disposal and with all the tranquility your couch (my favorite are leather Chesterfield sofas) is an invaluable opportunity.

When it comes to work shoes, though, most people tend to become absorbed in doubt before completing the purchase. Here is a brief and comprehensive guide to help you avoid the most common mistakes when purchasing work boots online.

#01. Choose the Right Store


The first step to avoid online shopping mistakes is to make sure that your online shop choice has a reliable history. Better yet, ensure that the store has physical shops: guaranteed activity and substantial experience in the field.


#02. Carefully Read through the Store’s Return Policies


The second vital step is to read through the shoes’ returns policies carefully: if they are particularly severe, you should beware! 

#03. Consider the Images Portrayed

When you purchase shoes online, in an extensive part, you have to rely on the images the online store offers. So, make sure you select a site whose images are large enough to help you evaluate the details clearly and have a proper view of the boots’ framing from multiple perspectives.


#04. Carefully Read about the Materials Used in the Boot’s Construction


Even though the images are clear and helpful, they do not give you the full picture of the shoe. Online shopping means you cannot weigh or physically touch the boot. So, it is difficult to get an accurate idea of the quality of its materials. 

So, most stores offer you a brief description of the details of the product. In this case, you need to thoroughly and carefully read the materials used and, if you have any doubt, make sure you do not hesitate to contact customer service.

You also need to determine the type of work shoes you need. Are you looking for rubber work boots, waterproof, steel toes or composite work shoes? These will also help you narrow down the type of material you need.


#05. Color Options


As mentioned above, product photos may not reproduce the exact color of the work boot. However, the description might give more details and, in any case, you have the option of customer service to clarify any cropping doubts.


#06. Be Sure About Your Foot Size


One of the most vital concerns about online shopping is choosing the right shoe size. So, you need to measure your foot and follow the size guide that every e-commerce of footwear offers. If they do not offer you any size guide, run away from that site.

For you to get the right foot fit:

  • Take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and a ruler


  • Put on a sock of medium thickness and place your foot on the sheet. 


  • With a pencil, outline your foot with precision. 



  • Measure the length from your heel to the toe and compare the measurements with a reliable conversion chart and size guide.



#07. Start with Your Right Foot


Most people ignore the fact that their feet are often not of the same size. So, since you cannot count on the support of experienced staff, make sure you measure the size of your right foot and then your left using the guidelines in the previous tip..


#08. Your First Order Always Serves as A Test


When you purchase a specific work boot brand for the first time, make sure that you order one model first. Doing so allows you to test the correctness of the chosen work boot number. Once you have figure out if that it is the right one, then move on to shop till you drop.


#09. As Soon As You Get Your Pair of Work Shoes, Try Them On


Most tend to tear down the labels and price tags first once they get their new work shoes. When you shop for your shoes online, make sure that before you head on to do anything, you try them on. It allows you to see if they are a proper fit and also that they can be within the return timing if they have any flaw.


#10. Try the Work Shoes Indoors


To avoid damaging the work boots and making it impossible to return them, ensure that you try the shoes carefully indoors.

That wasn’t so difficult was it? Now you’re ready to place your first order and experience the magic of online shopping.