Dental hygiene is extremely important to us humans, so why should it be any different for our pets? Many pet owners don’t realise that dental care is an essential part of looking after your cat or dog, which can result in them experiencing issues such as gum disease, tooth loss and more. Continue reading to find out why dental care is so important and how you can ensure your pet has a healthy, happy mouth. 

Did You Know? 

There are some really interesting facts about dental hygiene when it comes to pets, such as over 80% of cats and dogs above 5 suffer from some kind of dental disease. You should have dental care worked into your pet’s daily routine, as this will help to prevent any issues further down the line. It may seem excessive, however, having that small addition each day to their dental health can really help to maintain healthy gums and strong teeth, which is essential for both cats and dogs. 

How to Prevent Poor Dental Hygiene

With so many products available to help keep your cat and dog’s hygiene as good as it can be, so its worth making the most of them and investing in the best of the best. Try to start looking after your pets’ teeth from a very young age, as this will ensure their teeth are cared for from the earliest point possible. A change in their lifestyle is the most important thing to focus on, such as feeding them a healthy, high-quality diet and avoiding the human foods as much as possible. If you’re unsure on which food to get for your cat or dog, you can find a great selection online at Petwell, with a range of dental care products to choose from too. 

Their Diet

Just like humans, if our pets eat rubbish then their teeth and gums will suffer. Having a high-quality diet is essential, so now is the time to ensure they’re eating the right things to keep them happy and healthy. Select a kibble that contains ingredients that are aimed at reducing tartar and plaque, as this will ensure their teeth continue to stay healthy from meal to meal. If you’re unsure, you can research the brand in question and find out which products are most popular for your pet’s dental hygiene. 

Their Chews

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This one mainly applies to dog owners but investing in the right chews is another way to maintain your pet’s dental health. Dogs absolutely love to chew things, but you want to make sure the things that they are chewing are going to benefit them, not cause issues further down the line. Select chews that are either specifically designed for dental care, helping to scrape off plaque whilst keeping those gums nice and strong. You’ll also find that this is the perfect boredom buster for your dog too! 

How to Identify Dental Issues

Whilst taking your pet to the vet will give you a clear diagnosis on your pet’s dental condition, it’s always good to know what to look for before an issue occurs. If you feel like your pet could have dental issues, these are the most common signs to look for: 

Bleeding Gums


Missing Teeth

Smelly Breath


If you’re really concerned about your cat or dog’s dental health, it’s best to give your vet a call to just check things over and be on the safe side.