If you are currently going through the loss of your elderly parent, then there is no doubt that you are dealing with all kinds of emotions. Even if they have had a long and happy life, it’s never easy to say goodbye much less goodbye to a parent. On top of all the emotions you are going through, you may also be trying to deal with planning the funeral, something that you may never have done before. Suddenly it’s up to you to look at all kinds of choices and come to some sort of clear decision, which can frankly feel impossible and overwhelming in the moment to ease pressure on yourself, you can use online tools to easily design funeral stationery, click to see more of our order of service funeral templates here

To make things a little easier, we’ve gone ahead and put this guide together of tips that will help you get through the very emotional and draining process.

Was the Funeral Pre-Planned?

The first thing you will want to look into is whether or not your parent pre-planned their funeral. If they did, then the process will be relatively simple for you. All you need to do is follow their wishes, and not worry about making any decisions yourself. Obviously, this is the best-case scenario, but unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to pre-plan their funeral.

Find a Funeral Home that Offers All-in-One Services

If the funeral was not pre-planned, you can make things much easier on yourself by finding a funeral home that offers all-in-one services. Find a place where they will do the cremation or burial, can look after the funeral services, and visitation. It would be much convenient to choose between caskets, urns or memorial jewelry and keepsakes. Many even have space for a reception with loved ones. The more you can check off the box in one place, the less running around you’ll need to do.

A great example is Wojciks Funeral Chapels & Crematoriums, a funeral home Winnipeg. It offers a variety of services all in one location, taking much of the stress off your plate.

Notify Loved Ones and Friends

This is sometimes the hardest step in the process, as you tell your various loved ones and friends about the death of your parent. Each time will feel raw as you notify them and give them the details. It can be very helpful to ask a close friend and other family members to help get the word out, rather than you having to contact everyone. Make sure you have all the funeral and visitation details at hand to pass along to them.

Go Easy on Yourself

Finally, you need to give yourself permission to feel your emotions, go through the pain and the loss, and just be kind to yourself. Sure, there are a lot of details to handle right at that moment, but you also need to be aware of your own personal mental and physical well-being. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from loved ones and friends, as most are happy to be that supportive rock you need.

A Difficult Process No Matter the Circumstances

It really doesn’t matter if the death was sudden or your parent had been sick for quite some time, the death of your parent is a difficult process. Finding ways to get through the funeral arrangements and details while coping with your emotions is imperative.


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