Football is the most popular game that is played throughout the world and on UFABET. It is estimated that football is played by 250 million players in over 200 different nations worldwide. This huge number makes it that much famous. Football is not just limited to its players, there is a humongous audience behind that loves to watch football making it the most popular and most viewed sport in the world. To play this game, you only require a football, two teams consisting of eleven players on each side and you are ready to rock the ground with your skills.


Origin of Football Game:

The game of football is around 700-800 years old, but it became the most favorite game in the world in the last 100 years. These last hundred years were the years of evolution of football. This game was brought to the Britians by the Romans. It was firstly played in England in 1863. Earlier people were just playing football by kicking the ball and in a matter of years, it started to become famous. After the popularity of this game, there comes evolution. Then this game was played with some rules in a rectangular playground which was marked by the center line and by the boundary lines. The rules for this game were later coded by the Football Association in England. Which is conducted by FIFA.


What Is FIFA:

FIFA is the biggest tournament in the football world. In the days of FIFA World Cup whole World is caught into the fever of FIFA, everybody is talking about it in almost all parts of the world and boys are seen in the ground playing this game and enjoying it. They cheer up their favorite teams in the world cup. There are 32 teams which take part in this huge tournament. Some of the big names are Brazil, France, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, France, and the list goes on. In 2018 France was the FIFA champions and now next FIFA tournament will be held in 2022. Till now 17 countries have hosted this world cup and in 2018 it was hosted by Russia.


Football Heroes:

There are a number of International football clubs which all have great players with different qualities. Some of them are great defenders, some strike better and some of them are well known for their goalkeeping. When we talk about football legends in this age. Two most popular names that come into our minds are Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi. These two are the best out of them all. Everybody has their own choices but most of them will either go for Ronaldo or Messi because they are the best in the business, they have several big achievements that no other player in this world has achieved. They have the different powers that they use in the ground field to defeat their opposite team. Ronaldo and Messi war is evergreen. Some like one and the other do not but in the end, both are legends of the football that the world will never forget.