Learning Baccarat is simple, but mastering it is not. 

You can go about mastering the game of Baccarat through sheer practice. But that will only get you so far. There are many other, and better, ways to master Baccarat like reading Baccarat books, going over Baccarat guides on the internet, watching Baccarat movies, joining online Baccarat communities, playing free Baccarat online and by learning from famous Baccarat players.

Once you try these alternatives, you’ll certainly see improvements in your games. On top of that, you’ll be armed with enough advanced tactics to be able to come up with your own Baccarat strategies.

This article covers one of the best ways you can master Baccarat — by learning from the masters. 

James Bond

Yes, he’s a fictional character, but he’s also peerless when it comes to a player’s popularity in Baccarat history.

Ian Fleming, the creator of the James Bond character, was a passionate gambler. Many of his spy stories were inspired by local casino players he came across. So it shouldn’t be a surprise when you find out that Bond’s favourite pastime was playing Baccarat. He’s portrayed as a Baccarat expert in movies in which he uses his game skills to discover his enemy’s secrets. 

This is why he became an icon in the world of baccarat site. He can be seen playing high stakes Baccarat in many popular movies like ‘Dr No’, ‘Thunderball’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, and ‘License To Kill’. His most famous movie, however, involving Baccarat is ‘Casino Royale’ that came out in 1967.


The movie had major plot points based on a game of Baccarat. In fact, the climax of the entire movie hangs on a Baccarat game played between Bond’s ally and the villain.


Tommy Renzoni


Tommy Renzoni is considered as the ‘Father of American Baccarat’. Although his past is full of uncertainty — some sources claim he was a hotel executive while others suggest he was a gangster — he is the one responsible for bringing Baccarat to America. 


The game was fairly popular in the late 1950s in Cuba where Renzoni first came across it. Identifying its potential, he brought the game over to American casinos in Las Vegas and persuaded them to open Baccarat tables. The game quickly became popular and other casinos caught up to the trend.


Apart from introducing American gamblers to the game of Baccarat, he also taught them how to master it. You can read his books ‘Renzoni on Baccarat’ and ‘Baccarat: Everything You 

Want to Know About Playing and Winning’ if you wish to know Renzoni’s tricks.


Akio Kashiwagi


Akio Kashiwagi was also known as the Warrior. He was a rich real estate investor and famous Baccarat player. He was known for his insanely big bets as he liked to live and play big. His record showed some of the biggest winning and losing bets in Baccarat history.


His $200,000 bet in Atlantic City resulted in him winning $6 million. However, the same year, Akio finished with a staggering loss of $10 million. His tragic death was a huge loss to the Baccarat community when he was mysteriously stabbed in 1992.


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