It’s challenging to comprehend what life was like before appliances were invented. How did people have the time and energy to wash and de-stain, never mind dry their own clothes? How did they find the time to mend their clothes with just cotton and a needle in hand? And how on earth did they wait so long to boil water to make a cup of tea? While pondering questions such as these, it’s clear that technology has saved us from arduous tasks and gave us back time to do other better things with our time, like living! Household duties themselves can feel like a full-time occupation to maintain a certain standard of living at home, and the worst part is we don’t even get paid to do it. Thankfully, appliances make household duties a bit more bearable and efficient. Be it your fancy battery charged portable hoover, ice cold freezer to chill your batches of food for the work week ahead or your dishwasher to save you scrubbing pots and pans (especially following a Sunday roast). So we know all about why we need appliances, but how do we protect this part of our lives from crumbling, have some of the answers to this question, and to gain an in-depth knowledge of what an extended warranty is and why it’s essential, below is a guide to get you up to speed.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Before explaining the purpose of an extended warranty, here’s a brief account of what a manufacturers warranty entails to give you a better perspective of how and why an extended warranty follows on from this. With each brand new appliance, you purchase there shall be a manufacturers warranty to cover any discrepancies with the item, and this usually lasts for a year (sometimes longer). You may find a sticker on the appliance or a leaflet in the box asking you to register your warranty either by calling a number or inputting your details online. Once you’ve registered the appliance, this shall trigger your warranty into action and typically cover your device for faults and electrical repairs.

Extended Warranty

Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired your appliance is without cover, vulnerable to breakages, and you are liable to pay for any repairs or replacements from your own money. This is where an extended warranty swoops in to save the day. By paying a modest fee per month, you can maintain cover in the form of an ‘extended warranty.’ For two benefits of purchasing appliance insurance for multiple appliances in your home, read the below.

Emergency Call Out

When an all-important appliance breaks, we’re commonly left in a position likened to a rabbit caught in headlights. It’s a ‘what on earth do we do now?’ moment. The first option is to figure out what’s wrong with the appliance, but if you’re not technically savvy, chances are you need someone to look at this for you. Your next option is to call a technician to survey the problem; however, it’s unlikely they will be able to fit your appliance diagnosis in immediately. This leaves you with your last two options – to wait or replace the appliance entirely. In both scenarios, there is money and time to be spent either anticipating your technician’s arrival or wasting time shopping for a new device. On the other hand, an extended warranty eliminates the risk of losing time with quicker call outs. All it takes is a phone call to a set number and then booking your appliance in for a prompt examination.

Repairs And Replacement

When a technician can visit your home to diagnose your appliance is just one part of the problem when your appliance breaking. One of the other major concerns is the cost you will incur as a result of an inspection of your device and furthermore the parts that need replacing. Or worse if the appliance is beyond repair, you will need to source the funds to buy a brand new device, this can be particularly costly when concerning white goods.


And so unless you have a few hundred pounds lying around that you’re happy to share with a technician or an appliance provider, an extended warranty is a smart option to vouch for as soon as your manufacturer’s warranty expires to preempt any repairs/replacements and to cover the costs entirely.


An extended warranty on your appliances means that for a reasonable fee per month you will attain emergency care and callouts for your items, cover for the cost of breakdowns and replacements and above all – peace of mind.


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