Hiring a private tutor is becoming increasingly popular, with students across the UK and beyond turning to private tuition to help boost their grades and give them a better chance of a successful future. Maths tutors and English tutors are in particularly high demand, as these two subjects provide students with fundamental skills for life both in and out of the classroom.


Whilst it is not essential to hire a private tutor, online tutoring still have its advantage, as class sizes increase and teachers and resources become increasingly scarce, enlisting the help of a tutor can really transform a student’s learning experience. A private tutor not only boosts student’s chances of achieving high academic grades, but also assists in their practical understanding of the subjects they are studying and can greatly boost their confidence.

Private tuition is one-to-one:  


It is a well-known fact that all students learn at different speeds and in different ways. Therefore, many students struggle to thrive in a busy classroom setting, where the teacher’s attention is often stretched very thin. Students may find it difficult to concentrate in a busy classroom setting, leading to them missing important parts of a lesson. When feeling a little lost or out of their depth, students can then struggle to find the confidence to as or answer questions and involve themselves in class discussions.


Moreover, it is rare that syllabuses allow students who are struggling with the time that they may need to really get to grips with the various elements of the subjects they are studying. As a result, gaps in understanding are often left unaddressed and only deepen with time.


Unlike in a distracting and intimidating classroom, the one-to-one nature of private tuition ensures that students have the undivided attention of their teacher and can speak freely without any hesitation or fear.  With private tuition, students feel comfortable and are able to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need in an environment that promotes, rather than obstructs, the learning process.

Private tutors provide a personalised approach to learning:


In today’s society, the approach towards teaching is undergoing a fundamental shift away from ‘traditional’ classroom methods to modern learning strategies centred around technology. Whilst for some students, online teaching methods work perfectly, there are still many students who are unable to keep up. When they lack the confidence to speak up, struggling with technology in class causes students focus to slip and their grades to suffer as a result.


One of the biggest benefits of private tuition is that sessions are completely customisable. Your tutor will be able to take into consideration your strengths, weaknesses, goals and personality in order to create a learning plan that is perfectly tailored to suit you. They’ll be able to use teaching methods that best suit you – whether that be online or offline.


In a school setting, this level of customisation is largely unachievable. Learners who study with a private tutor will benefit hugely from the fact that their tutor is able to adjust the focus and pace of their sessions depending on the unique abilities and requirements of each individual student.


This is particularly useful for Special Education Needs (SEN) students, as, unlike in a traditional classroom setting, students can spend as long as they need on each topic. This ensures students have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the subjects they are studying.

You choose your own tutor

Another great benefit to personal tuition is that you have total choice and can find the perfect tutor! This is a huge advantage, as every student learns differently and every teacher teaches differently too! The freedom to hand-select your own teacher means that you can find someone who has the temperament, teaching methods and approach that best compliments your child and their learning style.


Moreover, your private tutor will work with you to devise a schedule that works for both of you, meaning that your personal life won’t interrupt or be interrupted by tutoring sessions. This is fundamental when considering the benefits of hiring a private tutor, as it gives you the flexibility that you need in order to maximise results with minimal implications for your social life!

Private tuition helps to boost student’s confidence and motivation


Private tuition not only increases a student’s chance of academic success, but will also aid in their personal development, boosting their confidence at the same time as enhancing their understanding and skill set.


If a student doesn’t enjoy a topic, then the chances are that they won’t want to dedicate time to studying it. However, with a qualified and expert Tutor House tutor on board, students can redevelop their love for learning and build up the confidence and motivation that they need to really excel. There’s nothing more encouraging than seeing your hard work pay off!


Ultimately, whilst private tuition isn’t essential, there are a huge range of benefits to enlisting the help of a private tutor. With the help of a Tutor House private tutor, students can get the help that they need to unlock their full potential and get the grades that they deserve.


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