Retirement is something that should be looked forward to and seen as a celebration moment in life. Not only does it mean settling down and enjoying life after all those years of hard work, but it also allows you to focus more on family, hobbies, and past times which make you happy.

The location you chose to live in for retirement has a huge reflection of the quality of your retired life. Research shows that Scotland is one of the most sought-after countries for the retired to move to, so it’s worth looking at a few reasons why.

Where in Scotland you would choose to retire is entirely up to the individual, but there are so many little villages and beautiful cities both on the coast and close to the countryside.

Of course, Edinburgh and Glasgow are hugely popular. Both are cosmopolitan cities, filled with historical sites, great eating venues and pretty walking routes. If Scotland is on your list, take note of some of the reasons below which should confirm you’re making the right choice.

Crime and Security

The crime rates in Scotland are significantly lower than that of England, and consistently seem to be dropping. It’s reported that terrorist incidents and gum crime are on the decrease, making it a safe place for retirement.  

Cost of Living

The price comparison website reveals that it is 29% cheaper to live in Edinburgh than it is in New York City. It also states that the cost of living in Edinburgh is 16.55% lower than in London, and it happens to be a cleaner, more historic city, too.

Talking large scale, the cost of living overall for Edinburgh is ranked 113th out of 451 cities in the world, which is something for Scots to be proud of. The cost of living should be a pivotal factor to those entering retirement, as your pension will be what shapes your future spending for the remainder of your life.

It’s always worth getting your future finances looked at legally first, covering everything that takes you from the start of retirement right up until the end. It’s not something we wish to think about, but finding a solicitor to write your will and assess how strong your pension looks is a wise move when starting retirement.


As Scotland sits at the top of the UK, most people assume the weather is constantly wet, cold and miserable. However, Scotland actually has better weather than you might think. When it comes to rainfall, it is fairly even throughout the year. Most months see around 2 inches of rainfall, and it’s Autumn/Winter weather tends to be similar to temperatures in Paris.

Beautiful villages and towns

You’re spoilt for choice in Scotland when it comes to finding towns and villages for retirement. There are so many ideal villages, towns, and cities to retire in, with most people preferring the coastal areas for stunning views and lots of open-air countryside.

St. Andrews is a popular choice, which is an ancient coastal town known for being an excellent golfing destination. Most people know of it from the British Opens.

Exploring opportunities

Living in Scotland gives endless travel opportunities, without having to travel too far. There are seaside destinations, areas to hunt deer, beautiful lakes, breathtaking mountain walks and historic towns which scatter across Scotland. Visiting the Highlands and the West Coast Islands tend to be one of the most popular weekend trips.

Above all, Scotland is a perfect place suitable for those who love mini adventures, local history and delightful little villages filled with charm and friendly people. And if you need more convincing – just remember it is home to the best selection of whiskeys!


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