Conveyancing is an essential process in selling or buying a property. A conveyancing solicitor or professional conveyancing lawyer is necessary for title transfer and settlement process. Selling or buying a property is not a simple task. Different transactions are essential to carry out; therefore, hire a conveyancing lawyer.   

Jones Whyte Law can protect your rights during these transactions. Both sellers and buyers need the services of conveyancing professionals to fulfill their obligations. A conveyance lawyer is responsible for performing these tasks.

Drawing Up Important Documents

A conveyancer or solicitor is responsible for preparing legal documents for a real estate transaction.

Selling Property

To sell a property, you have to prepare the Agreement of Sale. This contract should contain special conditions to protect you from potential conflicts. Sellers will need a statement of vendors. By hiring a conveyancer lawyer, you can manage everything easily. He will fulfill all legal obligations as per the laws of your territory or state. A conveyancer can produce essential documents for the settlement period.

Buying a New Property

Similar to sellers, buyers also need a conveyancer to prepare transfer documents. These documents are necessary to ensure the legal and rightful transfer of property. Transfer documents will include relevant details to meet the regulations of your state. Well, you need to follow some steps for buying your home and hiring a conveyance solicitor or lawyer is one of these steps

Legal Advice

A conveyancer can undertake the legal work necessary to navigate the process. He will advise a seller to add particular conditions in the sale contract. Special terms may vary based on your circumstances. A conveyancer can arrange a settlement date for you.

Moreover, a conveyancer working for a buyer may give him/her necessary advice about terms and conditions. He may not be a part of finance arrangements, but help you to arrange a settlement with banks and facilitate a mortgage process.


If you (buyer) are obtaining a mortgage, your lawyer must review the offer and report on its terms. The attorney of the buyer is responsible for ensuring that the mortgage instructions are adhered to, because they may act as the legal representative of the mortgage company in the transaction.   

Arrange Settlements

A conveyancer can arrange final details of settlements. The conveyancer of seller or buyer may coordinate with conveyancer of another party of the agreement. This settlement will be mentioned in the contract of sale. After finalizing a settlement, the conveyancer will contact with your estate agent for final negotiation.

Preparations for Exchange

The lawyer of seller and buyer will meet each other to complete paperwork. If you have any query, you can talk to your respective lawyer. Lawyers may contact the buyer or seller to get answers to questions and prepare a report based on these questions. Lawyers are responsible for getting the signature of seller and buyer on transfer deed and contract.

On an agreed date, the documents are completed and exchanged. Exchange of contracts occurs when both parties are agreed with the transaction, terms, and conditions. The lawyers are responsible for confirming the time to transfer the signed agreements.

After receiving the necessary documentation, the lawyer of the buyer will register the purchase at their state’s land registry. They update the registers to show the new owners of the land.


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