There’s nothing quite like a lad’s holiday. Sipping beers, catching up with your friends and kicking a ball about sounds like the perfect getaway for a bunch of guys. But it’s not always that simple, is it? With rising costs of flights abroad and accommodation (especially at this time of year), it can be difficult to find something at the right time and within budget. When you’re in this predicament, what’s the solution? Party houses! The UK is packed with hundreds of party houses to rent that can sleep all of you with plenty of room to spare. So this year, why not give that a try? Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons as to why a house with the lads is the perfect option!

It’s mega affordable

Believe it or not, hiring a party house for a weekend or so is actually really affordable when you’re travelling in a group of people. Looking at the initial price of say, a ten-bed house, you’d be looking at around £3000 depending on location. However, if there’s 10 of you travelling, that only equates to £300 each for an incredible trip away with your buddies! Not only that, when it comes to food and drink, you could all chip in and buy one or two things each for a mega cheap holiday!

You still have your own space

While travelling with your mates is great, sometimes some time alone is needed and if you’re all sharing a small confined space, this can be difficult to obtain. However, with a party house, you’d have your own bedroom and with plenty of space around the property, you’re sure to find the chance to grab a moment to yourself. So, if you’re a little hungover from the night before and want to spend a few hours in bed you can still do that! Or, perhaps you want to catch a few z’s before a party you’re throwing? You can do that in peace without having to worry about being in anyone’s way and most importantly, without being disturbed.

Beautiful surroundings

The great thing about party houses is that they’re often located in the country which means one thing – beautiful surroundings and no one around for miles! That means that if the party goes on a little longer than planned, then you’re not going to disturb anyone and you’ll have the perfect backdrop to take some photos of your trip away. Just don’t forget to pack your phone charger!

Plenty of amenities

Being in the middle of nowhere can also put people off, and that’s in fear of becoming bored or being shut off from the outside world. However, many country houses now have plenty of amenities that will keep you occupied such as:

  • Pool and snooker tables
  • Ping pong tables
  • TV services such as Sky and Netflix
  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Hottubs
  • Cooking facilities
  • Free WiFi
  • Pet-friendly so you can take your furry friend
  • Easy to call taxi services to take you and the lads out on the town
  • Outdoor fire pits


Being bored simply won’t be an option! Remember whether to check if any of these extras will cost more than your initial price so that you’re not charged more than planned.

Enough space for other guests too

If you’ve got a party house for the weekend then you’d be mad not to host your own party. Many country houses around the UK have facilities available for this kind of thing because they’re often rented out for weddings and other large events. So, if you’re planning on hiring a DJ to celebrate someone’s birthday and inviting loads of guests, then you’ll be able to take advantage of ballrooms in the property too.


Finally, to make this the lad’s holiday of all lad’s holidays, remember these things:

  • What happens on holiday stays on holiday
  • Put your phones away! You’re here to enjoy each other’s company!
  • If and when there are squabbles, talk it out and get over it
  • Don’t talk down another man’s girlfriend just because you don’t have one
  • Play a friendly prank on each other every now and then
  • Remember your actions have consequences. While you should totally have fun, don’t ruin it for everyone else by breaking something or managing to get yourselves kicked out
  • Go home with something, even if it’s only a hangover and a great bunch of memories.


Most importantly, chances like these don’t come often, so make the most of it!


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