It is clear to everyone that proper planning and uniform performance of tasks is the best option, which helps to complete the work calmly and on time. However, what if there is very little time left for the deadline, and the amount of work is objectively too large?


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Causes of deadline failure

There are a lot of reasons for breaking deadlines. This is not only the uncollectibility and negligence of the performer, although it can also occur in some cases.


Other common causes are the peculiarity of human thinking and the incorrect estimate of the time required to complete the task.


A person is used to setting deadlines based on the considerations that the work and the processes accompanying it will follow the most favorable and well-thought-out scenario, without taking into account possible risks.


In this case, the reason for the failure of the deadlines will not be the occurrence of unforeseen situations that increase the amount of work or time costs, but the lack of proper planning.

What to do

Plan everything as far as possible

Break up the case into subtasks, set aside a specific time for their implementation. Postpone unimportant things and only work on the paper.

Rate your strength

If you understand that deadline failure is inevitable even with your maximum productivity, say so in advance. So you are more likely not to fail the teacher and accurately reduce the negative consequences.

Stop panicking

There is only one way out of the situation: to work as hard as possible. Stress from approaching the deadline motivates and does not allow to procrastinate, but if your panic prevents you from working, then you need to get rid of it. Make fear work for you.

Create the right setting

Close to the deadline, every minute is important, so do not be distracted by any means during the quest for extraneous stimuli. In order not to deal with the desire to surf social networks (and it can be very intrusive: so you try to get away from problems) – remove the phone, block visits to sites using applications, work from where you can be less distracted.

Speak out loud about your plans

Another element of motivation may be a public notice of the timing of work.


When the deadline is known not only between a teacher and a student, but friends and family are also aware of it, the responsibility allows you to more effectively tune yourself to work, because in case of failure many people will know about it.


Here the factor of self-esteem and unwillingness to look like a loser in the eyes of other people will play its role.


Paradoxically, but when working on large projects for which a significant amount of time is allocated, it is much more challenging to meet the deadlines. Again, the main enemy is human thinking.

What to avoid

Physical exhaustion

Most often, the approach of deadlines is associated with lack of sleep, poor nutrition and a complete lack of sport. However, if you need to work at an accelerated pace for more than two days, then this approach will only worsen your results.


Just remember the next:

  • Lack of sleep reduces productivity;
  • Sport improves brain function;
  • Performance falls from poor nutrition.

Fear of asking for help

Before the deadline, all means are suitable, especially the ability to delegate anything. Ask for help by promising to return something of equal value in the future, and you may not be denied support. Remember that you are in distress and much more terrible are the consequences of a deadline failure than refusing to ask for help.


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How to do work on time

To put the process in perfect condition, that is, when the exact dates will be set, and the performers will keep within them, is an arduous task, because you will have to struggle, first of all, with errors of human thinking.


But since deadlines have a strong influence on human behavior, they also directly affect the efficiency and productivity of labor.


The most competent in planning for any period and setting deadlines will be the approach in which the initial period is loaded as much as possible, and the rest of the time before the deadline, on the contrary, will be unloaded if possible.


Often, meeting deadlines is really very difficult for a number of objective and subjective reasons, but following the simple rules outlined in the article will help to control this process as clearly as possible and not to disrupt the deadlines.


And not only the work efficiency, and the ability to produce top essay writing but also the preservation of a good business reputation and the absence of stressful situations will depend on this.


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