How To Plan A More Memorable Wedding

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Your wedding is one of the most important days and experiences of your life. It only makes sense that you’d want it to be extremely memorable and nothing less than perfect.

The majority, or most of what occurs, is in your control so be glad to know you have the power to host a fabulous event and ensure that all goes smoothly. All it takes to have a successful wedding is some careful planning and attention to detail, and you’ll be more likely to execute the day properly. Most importantly, have fun preparing and remember to sit back and enjoy yourself on your actual wedding day.

Be Choosy about the Location

You can plan a more memorable wedding by being picky about the location of where you get married. For instance, secure a luxury venue for your special day and guests will be sure to remember your event for years to come. It’s all about having the right environment and ambiance if you want everyone to recall what a nice time they had celebrating with you.

Design Your Own Invitations

Another idea for preparing a more memorable wedding is to commit to designing your invitations. This is a fun way to personalise your event and communicate the love you and your future spouse have for each other to your guests. If you need help in this area, there are plenty of online programs and tools to use, or you can work with a professional designer to come up with ideas.

Have A Signature Cocktail

In addition, think about having a signature cocktail at your wedding if you want it to be more memorable. Many people love to drink and will remember what a nice time they had by what alcohol was served, particularly if it’s a pretty colour and served in a nice glass. Work with your caterer or bartender to come up with a spectacular and tasty option that no one will forget.

Create A Hashtag & have a Photo Booth

You may also want to think about creating a personalised hashtag for your wedding event. This way your guests can take pictures throughout the day and evening and upload them to social media, so they’re all under the same hashtag and feed. You’ll be able to look back on this hashtag after your big day is over and reminisce about the fun you had.

Set up a photo booth as well and your guests can take pictures together all night long. They can then print them out or upload them to their social media accounts to share with their followers.  

Ask for Song Requests

Music is another way to create a more memorable and pleasurable wedding. Request certain songs from the DJ or band that have meaning behind them for you and your new spouse, especially for your first dance song. Mix it up so you have a few slow songs and also songs that will get people out on the dance floor and having a good time.