It’s no longer news that the Eurovision Song Contest is one of the Europe’s most anticipated events. The 2019 edition of the competition has crept in and we’re happy to provide you with some facts you may want to know about the event.

The Grand Finale is at Hand

Preparations for the competition commenced at the fall of the previous year, 2018. Now, the final stage of the event is already at hand and is set to hold on Saturday, May 18, 2019. Before now, two semifinals were held on May 14 and May 16, 2019.

Israel is the Host

Pundits believe that the choice of Israel is because of the country’s impressive performance in the 2018 edition. Israel was also the winner at last year’s (2018) edition of Eurovision Song Contest.

The Third Shot for Israel in Four Decades

There seems to be more to Israel’s hosting of this year’s competition. This is the third time the country will host the Eurovision Song Contest in forty years.

The country’s first shot at hosting the event was in the year 1979. Two decades later, it hosted it the second time in 1999. The third shot in 2019 makes it another twenty-year interval. Who knows? Israel might just be the host in 2039!

Tel Aviv is the City to beat

Another interesting fact about this year’s edition of Eurovision Song Contest is the choice of Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv. The city is acclaimed for the yearly influx of 2.5 million tourists and the atmosphere it creates for entertainment. It seems only right to take this fun-filled event to a place that has all the provisions for it.

Bet on Eurovision Song Contest

Unibet is here to keep you updated as the competition rises to a crescendo. As the last preparations are underway for the finals coming up on May 18, 2019, you may want to place a bet on a country you feel would win at the competition.


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