Losing a loved one is one of the most painful things that you can face. So how can you deal with the pain and pay tribute to the deceased? We talked about cremation jewellery with Heart In Diamond in the UK.

It’s a good idea to use some coping mechanisms to ensure that you deal with this pain.

One way to deal with grief is to keep their memories close and hold them near. You can display their photo, or keep their ashes in an urn close to them in their home.

These days, a popular way to keep their memory close to you is in the form of beautiful diamonds and jewellery. But how is this possible? To put it simply, their ashes from cremated remains are converted into diamonds.

It may sound strange at first, but this is a great way of celebrating your loved one and keeping their memory alive.

From ashes to diamonds—it’s easier than you might think


Getting your piece of precious stone from the ashes of your loved one involves a technological way of making diamonds from the carbon in the ashes. You can select the diamond that you want to order in terms of size, shape, and colour, among many other different aspects.

Next, you choose from a collection of high-quality cremation jewellery settings and options to get the design that you want to envision your relationship with the deceased to keep them mortal. The designing team will begin working on your order right away to create your desired finished product.

Next, you send a sample of your lost one’s cremation ashes or hair. This sample is taken to the lab, and the carbon will be converted into an amazing diamond.

Delivery of the final product is made direct to your doorstep for you to experience the convenience and satisfaction of once again having your lost one near you, from ashes to diamond.

Why turn the ashes of your loved into a diamond?


Diamonds made from the ashes of a deceased loved one are chosen by people for many reasons:

Cremation jewellery and other remembrance objects helps us deal with grief. When we are confronted with a death or other type of tragedy, tangible reminders tend to give us comfort.

Diamonds are beautiful gems. We all know that urns can be made in several beautiful designs to hold your deceased’s ashes. However, this hardly beats the elegance that a nicely crafted diamond exudes. Diamond jewellery made from ashes is especially beautiful and meaningful.

Your loved one will be with you wherever you go. If you keep the ashes of your beloved in an urn, it sits in a room. While this can bring comfort, you can’t take your urn everywhere you go. Diamond cremation jewellery can be worn all the time, each and every day. This ensures that you have your loved one’s memory everywhere you go if you want to.

Your memorial diamond can be handed down to future generations. Your keepsake can be given to other family members and passed down to generations. This ensures that the memory of your loved one lives on in a beautifully designed piece of jewellery.

Beautiful tributes to your beloved


Diamonds made from ashes are a very great way of remembering your loved one whom you have just lost. With a sample of their ashes or hair, you can keep their memory going on and on for generations keeping them close to you.

There is simply no better keepsake than diamonds. Everlasting, lustrous, and durable, they certainly stand the test of time and deliver memorable reminders of your loved ones. Diamonds commemorate your loved ones in the most beautiful way, and help you deal with the grief of losing someone special.


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