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Podcasting is one of the best ways to introduce your business by spreading your voice all over the world. Having work experience as a podcaster one of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to select one of the best laptops for podcasting. In fact, the answer depends on the different factors, but here I will share my opinions that can help you to select the best podcasting laptop.

Required specs for podcasting laptop

The most critical factors that can affect your laptop performance are RAM and processor. Other factors such as storage, drive speed, and graphics can also help but processor and RAM are the most important factors.

•    Random Access Memory (RAM)

Usually, RAM is overlooked in favor of a fast processor but I will mention it first because RAM improves your laptop performance more than the processor. A random access memory allows data to be read or written at the same time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory.

laptop with a slower processor and more RAM.

Having a slightly more than enough RAM on music production laptops is very helpful since you often have to run multiple programs simultaneously in live or post-production situations

According to the expert opinions, a laptop which has the fastest processor but low RAM will perform inferior to a laptop with a slower processor and more RAM.

Recommended RAM

If you are a professional podcaster and using high-end graphics software or games on your laptop then 16GB of RAM would be overkill for you. But if you don’t need to run a lot of high-end graphics systems or heavy DJing software then 8GB RAM is enough for normal podcasting.

In fact, if you want more tracks and plugins then you need more RAM.

•    Processor

The performance of any laptop does not depends on any single factor. I have mentioned above the necessity of RAM first, it doesn’t mean that you will ignore the necessity of processor.

The processor is the brain of a laptop that takes data from system memory then process the calculations and convert to machine language through a compiler that allows your laptop to perform required tasks.

We all know that if you run heavy software or games on your laptop then you need high-end specs laptop. So, the podcasters always need to run heavy software for music editing and digital files.

The recommended processor for podcasting laptop

It is recommended by expert podcasters that always use a laptop equipped with a fast processor and more RAM. Using a faster processor allows your laptop to boot system files very fast. If you want to buy a new laptop for podcasting I will recommend you to go for a laptop that comes with 7th or 8th Generation Core i7 Intel processor.

The performance of a processor depends on the numbers of cores. Till now Intel has introduced the Core i9 processor that has super-fast performance. But finally, I will suggest you Core i7 if you are looking at the best laptops for podcasting.


According to the discussion about podcasting laptop specs, we conclude that RAM and processor both are key factors that depend on laptop performance. But, you should have also considered other factors like display, graphics and drive speed before buying a laptop for podcasting or music production.  Once you find the best model, you should read the laptop user manuals and explore its features.

I can assure if you will follow these factors then you can make a happy deal with the seller. Best of luck for your laptop hunting.



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