Hawkers is a company that specializes in the manufacture of quality and highly affordable sunglasses. Hawkers is based in Elche, Spain and its sunglasses are one of the most sold brands of sunglasses in the world. In just four years, Hawkers propelled itself into one of the ten most valued fashion firms worldwide. The success of the company is credited to the use of the internet for its distribution. The company enjoys a vast customer base because of the readily available social networks. Communication is a fundamental virtue for the company; through social networks, the company can interact with their customers, and this gives them real-time information on the needs of the market. Hawker’s sunglasses are designed to cater for all styles and tastes of customers. Their sunglasses are light, able to adapt to any situation and very resistant. They are also suitable for both relaxed and daring people.


Alejandro Betancourt’s Impact on the Company.

Businesses experience moments of recession and Hawkers was not exempted. The growth of the company slowed down. To help save the company and propel it to new heights, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined the company. Hawker’s strategy of keeping tabs with what the customers need at particular times coincides with Betancourt’s convictions. Through alejandro-betancourt.com, Alejandro believes that the internet and new technologies provide opportunities to share information about projects and development. Betancourt came into the company 2016, and by the end of that year, he had been appointed as its president. He helped the company capture fifty million Euros in a round of financing. Up until 2016, Hawkers had been self-financing itself, but due to the significant losses it had been experiencing in recent years, the company was compelled to seek external financing. Aside from appointing Betancourt, the company also recruited the creators of Tuenti, Felix Ruis and Hugo Arevalo to its management.


The New Strategic Plan.

In 2018, Betancourt made a capital increase of twenty million euros hence making him the majority shareholder at the company. He currently controls 50% of the company’s capital. The capital in surge compelled him to start programs to help expand the company to international markets. He also named Nacho Puig as the new CEO. At the same time, Alex Moreno, a founding member, and Alejandro Sanchez left the company. Betancourt’s decision to appoint Puig was driven by the fact that Puig has extensive experience in strategic brand projects and he is popular in the world of fashion and sports. Puig’s primary responsibility will be to lead Hawkers into a globally recognized company in the sunglasses and optics of the fashion industry by establishing an effective strategic plan. The company intends to open flagship and optical stores in important cities of the world.


The company has been using the internet as its main channel for distribution for many years, but the new strategic plan will allow the company to venture into the offline business model while still maintaining its online base. Combining the online and offline world will help Hawkers tap into new markets.