The Best Day Trips from Paisley


There’s no shortage of fun activities to keep you occupied during a weekend in Paisley, but sometimes we want to stretch further afield. Fortunately, the city is strategically located and well-connected enough that you can go on a different adventure somewhere new every weekend for a whole year and still have some exploring left to do. Here are the best day trips and activities near Paisley. 

Spend an Idyllic Day at Troon Beach

Just a 30-minute train ride from Paisley is one of the most vibrant coastal towns in the UK. The town itself is full of cute cafes, boutique shops, and quirky bars, but the main draw is the sea. Troon is one of the most popular windsurfing destinations around, with thousands of people making the trip there every summer to catch some waves and attempt to tame those ferocious Scottish gales. While this is a great day-trip destination any day of their year, the place really comes alive in the summer, so maybe wait for the temperatures to rise a bit before heading off. 

A Gatsby-Style Casino Experience in Glasgow

Glasgow is a great day-trip for countless reasons, but this is one of the most unique ways to spend your time. Located on the banks of the River Clyde is the Casino Riverboat, which evokes the old-world glamour of the floating casinos which were once hugely popular. Dress your best and order a martini at the bar before exploring the poker and roulette tables in true Great Gatsby style. While plenty of Scots these days prefer to kick back at home and play roulette online, this is a great option for anyone looking to experience the kind of glamour that is hard to come by these days. 

Reconnect with Nature in Glencoe 

This one takes a little bit more effort, being about a two-hour drive from central Paisley, but it’s definitely worth it. While most of the Scottish highlands are currently in the process of being completely overrun by tourists, Glencoe Valley still manages to feel like a truly unspoiled, pristine wilderness. Pack a picnic, some study hiking books, and a waterproof for when the weather inevitably turns bad, before embarking on a trip through one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions in the world. There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset over the valley. 

Get Regal at Inveraray Castle

There’s no shortage of iconic castles across Scotland, but this one about an hour’s drive away is the most worthwhile. The sprawling Inverary Castle in Argyll has served as a backdrop for countless films and TV shows and is now one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. It remains one of the earliest known works of Gothic Revival architecture, having been built back in 1743, whilst the landscaped gardens are among the most sophisticated in the whole country. This is the place to go if you truly feel like stepping back in time. 


If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday, any of these options will surely make your weekend. Affordable, accessible, and unique, these are day trips that will create lasting memories.