Are you planning to visit Europe? Well, Europe is the ideal summer retreat, whether you’re traveling alone or as a couple. Its pristine beauty, unforgettable sights and inspiring spots make it one of the top tourist destinations. However, if you want to venture through Europe in the most amazing way possible you should consider luxury Celebrity European cruises. You will have a truly unique experience, unlike when touring by bus or train stopping at different ports, visiting different cities and appreciating the scenery while on board.


While touring around Europe and checking countries and cities off your bucket list, these are some of the must-visit attractions in Europe.

The Louvre

This is one of the most sort after attractions in France. It is the most visited spot in the world. The Louvre is the largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris. It boasts of pre-historic objects and paintings. Formally, it was a fortress but the rulers of the time changed it to a museum. In doing this, a lot of famous paintings like the ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci are found in the Louvre.


The Colosseum is a structure that came up during the rule of emperors of the Flavian dynasty. It is also known as the Flavian Amphitheater and was found in the centre of Rome. Gladiator competitions where the main purpose for the Colosseum but later they started using it for animal hunts, executions and other purposes. Nowadays, it is flocked with tourists who want to learn about the Colosseum and the Flavian dynasty.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

This is one of the most prominent attractions in Italy. Located in Venice, the structure has a very rich architectural significance and a good history. It has many gold decorative features inside and boasts of Italian design. Since the 11th century, it has been nicknamed Chiesa d’Oro meaning Church of Gold and attracts a lot of visitors.

Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh is a scholar whose work has been acknowledged worldwide and the museum honors his work and that of his contemporaries from Amsterdam. The museum is located at a location known as the museum square which also houses other museums. Van Gogh museum has been open to the public since the 70’s and it’s one of the most visited art museums worldwide.

Acropolis of Athens

Located just outside Athens overlooking the city and ruins of historical and ancient rank. Additionally, several structures that show significant architectural greatness and evidence that it may have been inhabited as early as the fourth millennium BC also exist here. Furthermore, various significant remains on the site draws plenty of vacationists.


Europe boasts of numerous other destinations that could not fit in this post. The continent has lots to offer to travelers. The list of destinations to visit around Europe is so big that you might need lots of cash and time to explore all of them. Research more about some of the tourist hotpots before you plan your trip so that you don’t regret wasting your time or money.



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