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The very name poker tournament will remind of the WSOP (World Series of Poker) Main Event. Since 2000 till this date, the WSOP main event has been dominating for 8 years in the poker tournaments with huge prize money. The WSOP main event’s first game reached a million dollars prize pool in 1983.

This article will briefly describe 5 most famous poker tournaments with big prize pools which will have WSOP Main Event on the top. You must also know that the Grosvenor slots won the contract for 2 years with the well-known pub poker tournament.

Online poker games will have satellites and qualifiers that allow a player to play the game and share the prize pools.

WSOP Main Event

The 39th WSOP 2006 Main Event stands as the best and the biggest prize pool tournament with the prize value of $82,512,162. It began as a usual $10,000 limitless Texas Hold’em event. But, there were more than 8K players, and there were 4 starting days to filter to 800 players. The first prize was bagged by Jamie Gold, and the amount was $12,000,000. Then comes the WSOP 2018 Main Event with a prize pool of $74,015,600.

Mid-States Poker Tour

This game offers a prize pool of $3.5 million to the table in 2018. The 5 tables streamed to the players at the time of finals will decide the winning amount. In 2017, this tournament had 3,272 entries and a prize pool worth $3.2 million. The same tournament is expected to give 500 times more winnings when compared to the basic investment.

Full Tilt Poker

The Sunday major re-entry tournament Full Tilt Poker tournament announces a prize pool of $150,000. Players can play the Sunday Brawl and get paid a mind-boggling amount of money. Also, you can get $30,000 as the Half Turbo of the amount. The 2-day event will have a turbo blind structure on the first day and a normal blind one on the second. The best part of this tournament is it gets over on Sunday.


You can find several big prize pool online poker tournaments with PokerStars. The most popular one is the Sunday Million. It takes place on Sundays on a weekly basis, and the prize pool is $100,000. They offer several smaller games and indeed give out huge prize pools.

Online poker tournaments with the small field may not give great winnings, but they are a great entertainment to players. Choose the games with a promising prize pool to take home good money. Apart from winning money, you will definitely enjoy participating in the tournament from the comfort of your home.

Amongst the many, PokerStars SCOOP was streamed in May, 2018, and offered a big prize of $10,000. SCOOP stands for Spring Championship of Online Poker. Yet, bigger version of SCOOP is WCOOP with 40 million dollars of a total payout. The acronym stands for the World Championship of Online Poker.

European Poker Tournament

The EPT is one more big prize pool poker tournament, and the 2008 EPT finals should definitely be mentioned. The prize pool of this game was $13.3 million. The game had 842 participants and was played until there were 8 players left for the final table. $3.1 million was won by Glen Chrony from Canada which was unexpected as the other players were Antonio Esfandiari, Luca Pagano, and Isaac Baron who are very famous in the poker world.

The most notable feature of this tournament is that it offered the prize pool value higher than the WPT. This EPT 2008 event made this poker tournament popular all over the world.

Poker Tournament in a Nutshell

After looking at the big prize pool poker tournaments, pull your socks up to take part in one of the online poker tournaments. But, before that, you should know how it works.

A tournament starts with players having the same number of chips. A winner is the person who finally manages to win all the chips. The game ends there. The blinds get increased to push the action with every new level.

Poker tournaments differ from poker cash games. Understand that the blind structure and the risk of getting kicked out differ between a tournament and a cash game. Also, the payout structure varies greatly. Once you know this difference, then stay assured to play tournaments for huge winning.

Poker tournaments are entertaining, exciting and thrilling. They offer great prize pools, and there is no dearth of making money. Year after year, such tournaments are becoming more and more popular, and several new names come to the arena. Still, WSOP Main Event has topped the first place in the list for the last 8 years, and it boasts of a rich experience in organizing poker tournaments for more than 3 decades.