Hidden Tourist Attractions in Paisley


Paisley, a hidden town situated in the Lowlands of the beautiful Scotland, garners some of the best kept secrets bound to attract tourists venturing out to unexplored lands. As one of the biggest towns in Scotland, there are a surprising number of hidden attractions, things to do, scenery to admire and cultural history to explore without getting lost. For those seeking adventure and entertainment or something a little out of the ordinary, Paisley would be the ideal destination for camera happy folks. Here are some of the hidden tourist attractions you need to tick off your bucket list upon your next Scotland escapade.

Paisley Town Hall


The recently refurbished Paisley Town Hall has been the talk among tourists lucky enough to witness the majestic beauty of the building. Some of the biggest events are hosted here and visitors are allowed to explore the architectural expertise of an incredible building.

Admiral Casino Paisley

Situated in Moss Street, the Admiral Casino is a relatively new feature and considered to be one of the hidden best kept secrets of Paisley. Visitors can enjoy all the land based casino perks one would expect from a notorious established casino, however Paisley visitors can expect more! A selection of the latest slots machine releases are featured as well as free drinks and new specials on a daily basis.

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The Hamills Waterfall

Definitely a must see, the Hamills Waterfall is the ideal location to post Instagram updates, Facebook posts and to snap up keepsakes pictures for the family photo album. The breathtakingly beautiful site holds history as well as beauty and can be explored at a leisurely pace. The hotel accommodation allows tourists to admire the beauty of the river and the waterfall during both evening and daytime.

Doors Open Days

The event ‘Doors Open Days’ isn’t so much an attraction as it is a well hidden secret. The event unfolds annually which allows visitors access to otherwise private locations and attractions. Only recently have more locals been taking part in the event which expands tourists discovery through Renfrewshire, normally kept away from tourists’ cameras. Each year is different and tourists would need to plan their vacations around the dates of Doors Open Days in order to gain access to more hidden gems of Paisley.