7 Superb Ways To Afford a Cruise in 2019


Cruises offer this perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and sightseeing. There’s something blissful about letting the cruise line do all the organizing while you and your family just sit back, eat stuff and wait for your next amazing destination to arrive.

While cruises offer a host of cool experiences, what they usually aren’t is cheap.

With the right planning though, you can make your big cruise plan a reality in 2019. Here’s seven savvy solutions for sailing the seven seas in 2019.


1. Earn Some Sweet Cruise Money

If your household is on a fixed income and saving is a real challenge, why not look into starting an awesome side hustle?

These days, there’s any number of mid-level-marketing businesses opportunities out there, from cleaning products to cosmetics. But for a more creative and life-affirming MLM business venture, why not start a home-based business?

DoTerra offers a beautiful selection of essential oil products, and they’re great gifts. Better yet, the company offers a decent commission plan provided you have a good social network around you to make some sales.


2. Hunt For Great Deals

Another great way to make your cruise dream a reality is to look for amazing deals. An obvious place to look is Groupon, but if you’re looking for a more targeted collection of cruise deals, it can’t hurt to go check out Expedia’s cruise page. Here you’ll find a regularly updated list of cut price cruise options.

But don’t leap at the first deal you find. Some deals are much better than others.

If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, you might also want to follow @cruisedeals and @cruisedealsbtd on Twitter. These accounts regularly drop links to cruise deals with some pretty decent savings.


3. Book Off Season A Long Time in Advance


Booking off-season is a classic way to save money on your next vacation. It’s an especially good option to consider for a cruise though, because an off-season cruise is arguably a much more pleasant experience if you don’t like crowds!

Traveling off-season is also a cool option if you’re looking for a more authentic experience at your cruise destinations. Less tourists equates to more locals and a less manufactured local experience.

Of course, if you also book a long time in advance you’re doubling down on the potential savings. If you don’t mind a wait, that is.


4. Save Those Pennies (The Clever Way)

Sure you could stick an envelope on the fridge and throw spare pennies in there, but just being realistic, that isn’t exactly a quick way to build up a nice little cruise fund!

What if I told you though that there are apps which take the change-saving tactic to the next level?

Check out this site to see what I mean. Here you’ll find a handy list of savings apps.

These apps will track your bank transaction and round up, sending that little bit of extra change to a savings fund. The additional transactions are so small, you probably won’t even notice it working.

But before you know it you’ll have a cruise nest egg tucked away.


5. Go Large

It’s an inescapable law of economics that buying in bulk immediately lowers your price. This is as true of your next cruise as it is of buying a bumper packet of hand towels at Costco.

Instead of just thinking of your next cruise as a nuclear family affair, why not see if you can get the whole extended family to tag along? You might even want to look at the possibility of friends and coworkers. After all, it’s a big ship. You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets!

It’s worth pointing out too that big group bookings don’t just get lower ticket prices. Depending on the cruise, you may also be eligible for perks like onboard credit, discounts on excursions and meal vouchers.


6. Look Into a Repositioning Cruise

Cruises take a certain route for optimum cruising pleasure. Sometimes though, a ship has to move from one port to another in preparation for the upcoming season.

Now bear in mind, these aren’t always the full cruise experience. They may be quieter. The full range of entertainment options are unlikely to be on offer. But for many folks, that’s actually a good thing!

These quirky cruise options are offered by most cruise line websites but they’ll often be tucked away. Do a search for “repositioning cruise” and see what you find.


7. Consider an Older Ship

This is an obvious one but surprisingly, a lot of people overlook it.

Just like phones or cars, you’re going to be paying a lot more for the latest model. It’s the same thing with cruise ships. A cutting edge ship is going to set you back way more than a luxury cruise ship from a few years ago.

Check with your travel agents for cruises on older boats. You might be surprised at the savings.


Cruises can be pricey, but with the right combination of tricks and tips you stand a good chance of saving some serious money on your next big oceangoing voyage. Just don’t forget to pack the seasickness tablets.