Are you visiting Paisley in 2019? Things you can do

When you say Paisley, you say one of the biggest cities in Scotland. It is a town filled with history, especially in the textiles industry. It is one of the five UK cities that has been put on the list of the UK City of Culture 2021. It is localised only 10 minutes away from Glasgow, and it is one of the main tourist attractions of Scotland. The persons, who choose Paisley as their vacation destination, do it because they want to relax and get in touch with a new culture. Paisley is famous for having numerous secret places, tourists cannot wait to discover, once they arrive here. It is surrounded by a breath-taking countryside landscape, but when stepping in the city, people are simply charmed by its architecture.

The historic centre of Paisley is one of the main attractions for tourists, because it is easy to access. Here are located some of the most well-known buildings in Edinburgh, like the oldest public observatory from Scotland, the Coats Observatory.

Queen Elisabeth is a descendant of a king born inside the Paisley Abbey. Robert II was the first Stewart king, the grandson of Robert the Bruce, and he is the direct ascendant of the present Queen. The Paisley Abbey is a place filled with history, thatwaits for curious people to discover it.

Paisley offers visitors countless local attractions, and if you want to visit it in 2019, then this article will serve you as a guide.


What local attractions should you put on your list?

Paisley Abbey

You should start your adventure in Paisley by visiting the Paisley Abbey. It is a majestic and fantastic building that will stun you from the first sight. It offers to the public eye loads of history, and the stories you will discover here, will help you understand better the life of the persons buried within the church. For the ones who do not know, the Abbey dates about 1,000 years, and its interesting monuments and inscriptions stay proof for its history. Nowadays, the Paisley Abbey is used for worship services, every Sunday.

Thomas Coats Memorial Baptist Church

This church is also known under the name of The Baptist Cathedral of Europe. It was opened in 1894, and it was built by the Coats family in the memory of Thomas Coats. It is one of the most impressing building in Paisley, because of its intricate details. The entrance and the red sandstone are two of the details that marvel the visitors. It is considered one of the rare gems of the city, because it looks spectacular both inside and outside. At night it looks like a veritable gothic building, a relic of the town’s Victorian Heyday.

Gleniffer Braes Country Park

If you want to have a spectacular view, then you should include on your to-visit list the Gleniffer Braes Country Park. The localsstate that the best time to visit it is during the Guy Fawks night, or during a lightning storm. It is located on the edge of Paisley, and it runs the length of the ridge of low hills that form the Braes. During the winter, you can have some awesome views from the Car Park in the Sky. You can see the Crianlarich or the Central Belt, depending of your position. The landscape is perfect for taking your dog to a walk, or using your metal detector to find lost treasures.

Events you can take part while being in Paisley

Depending on the time of the year when you will visit Paisley, you also have the opportunity to take part to some amazing events.

On first of February, you can take part to The Greatest Showman Sing-a-long event. It will be organised at the Ayr Town Hall, and it will help you spend a magic night filled with songs that will warm your heart. This event is planned to offer people the opportunity to show their passion for music. Make sure you see the musical, if you plan to buy a ticket, because you need to know the songs if you do not want to sit there quietly. This amazing event is organised with the purpose to raise money to help the Unity Grill to continue their fight against hunger and isolation.

On 15 of February, you have the opportunity to take part to the Annual Prophetic Conference. It will take place in the Royal concert Hall, and some of the guests will be Tomi Arayomi, Rebecca Greenwood and Dr Sharon Stone. Make sure you book in advance, if you want to take part in the conference, because there are great chances the tickets to sell out quickly.

Another event that is taking place on 15 of February is the Bring It All Back ‘High School Musical Party‘ in Glasgow at SWG3. This event celebrates 13 years since the release of the Disney Channel hit musical, and the guests are invited to listen the songs from all 3 movies. The participants are encouraged to dress like their favourite characters. However, if you do not have your character outfit prepared, then you should not worry, because your own outfit is also acceptable. If you want to get a good price for the ticket, you should buy it in advance.

On 23 and 24 February, it will take place the Scottish Wedding Show. It is the biggest wedding event organised in Scotland, and if you are getting ready for your wedding, you should not skip it. You will have access to more than 300 exhibitions, and it will cover all the important aspects when organising a wedding. This event is considered the epitome of style and elegance and it will help you plan your special day. It does not matter what theme you want for your wedding, you will definitely find something that it will suit it. You can choose the day that better suits your program to visit the wedding show, because the exhibitors are contracted to be present both days.