5 Top Spots For An Unforgettable Date In Paisley (Renfrewshire)

Paisley food Festival

Located to the west of Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, Paisley is often overlooked when it comes to planning romantic days out. But it is a destination which has many wonderful places which can provide a memorable backdrop for dates. So if you’ve just met someone special on a uk date site and want to show them the sights, here are five of its most recommended spots.


Coats Observatory


What better venue for an unforgettable date than an observatory, gazing into the star-spangled majesty of the night skies over Renfrewshire? Coats is the oldest observatory in Scotland, dating back 130 years, gifted to the town by the Paisley Philosophical Institution. As such, it was the first astronomical institute to offer the public views of the nightscape, and this is still done on a twice-weekly basis during the winter months. If the weather isn’t conducive with a bit of stargazing, the building hosts a state-of-the-art planetarium which will give you a virtual tour of the wonders of the universe – and all without having to move from your seat.


October 1st this year actually marked the anniversary of the opening of the Coats Observatory. What better time to visit this iconic Paisley landmark than booking a space in the planetarium, then watch the stars, hand-in-hand with your date?


Barshaw Park


Forget frenetic activities or busy eateries, sometimes the most romantic time you can have is spent in tranquil introspection with your loved one. Take a trip to Barshaw Park, where you can sit side-by-side on a bench and watch the town’s hustle and bustle. If you’re feeling more energetic, the park boasts an outdoor gym where you can try your hand at various apparatuses. There is also a charming and picturesque hidden garden, which really is one of the town’s little-known delights.


Sma’ Shot cottages


Visiting these charming cottages is like stepping through a portal into the past. These dwellings have been faithfully restored into fully-furnished 18th-century weavers’ cottages, allowing you to get a sense of how the inhabitants of Paisley lived in past centuries. As well as artifacts, there are interesting archive photos. There are three rooms to examine; two which were living quarters, and the loom shop where the weaver would have worked. Once you have spent some time imagining how life must have been for the hardworking weaver and his family back in the 1740s, you and your partner can adjourn to the adjoining tea room for some 21st-century refreshments.


Hamills Waterfall


Overlooked by the towering red-brick edifice of Anchor Mills, Hamills Waterfall is a spectacular site, well worth a visit during a romantic stroll through the town. The mill itself shut for business in the 1980s and has since been redeveloped onto private flats and business premises, but the falls are certainly bustling with noise! On a sunny day, what more satisfying way to enjoy the local scenery than packing a hamper with tasty delights, then finding a suitable location to take in the perpetual motion of the waters cascading down into the river?


La Banca Restaurant


After enjoying the sights Paisley has to offer, an excellent suggestion for rounding off your day’s entertainment is relaxing over a sumptuous meal. La Banca is renowned for a welcoming atmosphere, blending a modern and fashionable restaurant with Italian tradition, excellent menu and wine list, and attentive and knowledgeable staff. A selection of mouth-watering cocktails is also available. The proportions are always generous, but this shouldn’t be an issue after spending an active day building an appetite. The cuisine itself is a superb blend of traditional Italian fare and local Scottish produce.