If your boiler breaks down, it will probably break your bank especially if it broke down during the winters. The issue is, people don’t notice the signs that scream your boiler needs some work. With that in mind, following we are mentioning a few common reasons why boilers break down.

1.  Age

A boiler is made to last decades, not infinity. Yes, you can extend lifespan with proper maintenance. A good old gas boiler can last you 10-15 years. If you get lucky, you can see you 20+ plus years. But you need to maintain them and change their components regularly.

Aging components can hinder a boiler’s efficiency. You can’t replace everything, sooner or later you will need to replace the whole thing with a new one. Therefore, if you haven’t replaced your boiler in the last 10—15 years, it might be time to switch out your old inefficient boiler for a more efficient new boiler model.  You can get a new boiler quote here and replace the boiler if it is too old.

2.  Faulty Thermostat

If your boiler isn’t doing its job properly, there could be something wrong with the thermostat. The thermostat is a relatively minor issue, but it could have severe effects. A malfunctioning keeps the boiler from turning on or shutting down properly. This affects your whole household.

So, if you are having issues with your boiler, you better make sure the thermostat is working fine.Get a professional to check it out like 2 RED Ltd.

3.  Pilot

The Ignitor or Pilot light kickstarts the whole thing. If you have a gas or oil boiler, you will need the pilot to fire up the main burner. Without the spark, you can’t use the boiler at all. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your boiler becomes useless just because the pilot has stopped working. Getting the pilot replaced or fixed is very easily. But you might want to change to a new boiler if this issue becomes very frequent.

4.  Pump Failure

Circulator pump delivers hot water to radiators and heaters through your home. If it stops working, you won’t get any hot water, even if your boiler heats it up. These pumps are made to last, but they can fail if not maintained properly.

How do you know the Circulator Pump has failed? Look for leaks around joint and flanges. Moreover, if your boiler makes strange noise while it’s turned on. This suggests something is wrong with the circulator pump.  It can cost a lot of money, so you better look for Boiler Cover & Insurance when buying a new boiler. The insurance will help cut down repair costs.

5.  Grime Buildup

If you have been using the boiler for years, its possible there is some lime or mineral build inside it. These things can build up anywhere, the pipes, internal parts, you name it. You need to hire a professional service to get them treated. If left unchecked these buildups can lead to kettling.

Kettling is a situation when the water inside your boiler starts turning into steam. If this is the case, then you will hear the same noise you hear when making tea in a kettle. If not treated, it can leave the whole boiler in ruins.


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