Current Trends in Online Games

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The world of online gambling continues to evolve and amaze players with new features, colorful games, large-scale projects and loud deals. Every day a huge number of events take place, new gambling websites appear, new titles are added to the collection of casino games. If we talk about new websites, one of the best recent arrivals is Dunder Casino. To learn more about it follow the link https://topnzcasinos.co.nz/dunder-casino/. However, in this article we will focus on new trends in the online gambling industry that are already coming and that are to be expected in the near future. Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and read carefully, because this information will be very useful to you, as a gambler.

Even More Realistic Thanks to Virtual Reality

This new technology for gambling has appeared relatively recently. However, its popularity is growing rapidly. Some casino operators already offer VR-enabled games to their users, and report that gamblers highly appreciated this opportunity. Virtual Reality is becoming better and less cheap. It has long been in demand in ordinary computer games and confidently captures the gambling industry.

Games Requiring Special Skills

Modern gambling-related publications increasingly claim that skill-based games are becoming more and more popular for online casinos. Experienced gamblers are accustomed to old classic slots with a game process based on luck. A new generation of gamblers is seeking to use their own abilities to achieve their goals. Analysts believe that young people get more pleasure from the gameplay, if they are helped to win their own skills, rather than the will of chance.

Therefore, many manufacturers are forced to reconsider their understanding of the gaming process of modern casino games. They are actively creating new gaming applications with more interesting plots and requiring more interaction from the player. The final result of the game rounds has shifted towards the user’s activity, not the work of the random number generator.

As the researchers say, in the near future, most of the market will be taken by skill-based games, which will press video slots, roulette and other games that have become classic. A new era could begin in late 2018.

What will Happen to Live Casinos?

You have long been accustomed to the opportunity to play with professional croupiers using an Internet connection. Today, not having a live casino section actually means not respecting yourself, especially if you are a large casino.

However, the popularity of this innovation grew rather sluggishly. Only in 2017 you can see a noticeable surge in the growth of demand for live casino games. The Internet is becoming faster and more accessible for everyone. Therefore, in 2018 and subsequent years, there will be no obstacles to playing with a live dealer.

Enhanced Functionality

This is also caused by the arrival on the online casinos websites of a new generation of gamblers who consider simple rotation reels to be a rather boring task. Young people need spectacular special effects, high-quality animation, additional features and bonuses to which they are accustomed by spending their childhood at computer games.

You can find non-standard aspects of the game process in games such as Castle Builder, Swirly Spin, Finn slot and many others. We assure you, this is just the beginning.

New Game Providers

Many small software makers will be swallowed up by large industry whales or simply disappear. Such mergers are only beneficial to the market, since large companies get all the interesting developments that allow them to make their software even better.

Themed Games

Popular icons have long occupied a central place in the plot of most casino games. The trend will continue further, so you will see stars of show business, politicians, and other famous personalities. There will also be numerous tournaments dedicated to significant events. The experience of previous years demonstrates the feasibility of such an approach to the creation of gaming applications. Therefore, in the near future the number of themed slots will only increase.

The Ability to Make Bets in Cryptocurrencies

Virtual money rates at first rapidly soared, and now began to gradually decline. However, many people continue to believe in cryptocurrencies and actively use them even for playing in online casinos. The main advantages of Bitcoin and other virtual coins are: anonymity of users, low commissions, no bans. In 2018, many online casinos announced that they began to accept bitcoins, ethereums and litecoins. Perhaps, in the future the list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanded.

Casino Right in Your Messenger

Many people use applications for communication, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Gambling operators are aware of this and are actively using instant messengers to create casinos within such applications. For example, the so-called Telegram-casino already exists. Perhaps this will be a new trend.


As the Internet continues its active development, the gambling industry follows it. Here you can often find the realization of unconventional solutions and innovative ideas. The experts literally have no time to make predictions for such a rapidly developing market. However, it is up to you to decide for yourself how useful or useless these innovations are.