4 ways to plan ahead and save money for your next vacation

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In the hustle and bustle of jetting away on your flight, it’s very easy to forget the minor details that might make or break your journey.

Well, this is what today’s post is going to cover. Wherever in the world you are heading, if you don’t plan accordingly you will generally suffer with your pocket. It starts when you first think about booking the vacation, and the flights gradually increase in price the closer you get to booking, right the way through your time away.

Let’s now look at four ways you can reduce costs, simply by planning ahead.

Take your travel insurance seriously

Even if you are relying on something like the EHIC card from Europe, travel insurance is something that has become much more understood over recent years. There have been more and more stories of people being seriously financially burnt, just because they thought they would be better off without travel insurance on their getaway.

Well, now that you know you need it, you need to make sure you book it with plenty of time. This is a competitive market, with umpteen companies vying for your business and if you are dashing around and leaving it until the last minute, you won’t be able to shop around for the best deal. You need to take further precautions if you are suffering with a specific condition. For example, travel insurance providers such as Staysure can insure for travel with high blood pressure. A service that is not offered by all insurers. Looking for insurers who specifically mention that they will cover certain conditions will better enable you to enjoy your stay abroad with the adequate protection.

Don’t leave your currency exchange until the airport

Hopefully, you will already know about the perils of airport currency exchange rates. In short, they are terribly high and will result in you paying vastly over the odds for your currency.

They are designed to take advantage of those travellers who don’t plan accordingly, so don’t fall into this trap and buy a long time in advance.

Airport taxis can crush your budget before the vacation begins

You land at your destination, and the only thing you want to do is reach the hotel. If you haven’t planned in advance, there’s every chance a local taxi driver will be waiting to carry out such a duty.

Hopefully, you know where we are going with this. Airport taxis are grossly expensive, and by booking a transfer beforehand you can save significant amounts of money. Or, at least research the local bus fares, to see how much you can save by opting for public transport.

Never pay full price for attractions

While it’s not going to be the case on every occasion, on the most part you don’t have to pay full price to access the big attractions across the globe. Taking London as an example, most of the attractions in the UK capital can be experienced for 50% of the advertised price. There are a whole host of 2-4-1 vouchers doing the rounds and with a bit of prior research, you can save yourself a small fortune by going down this route.