For many people, work takes up a significant amount of their lives. In light of this, it can be hard to find a healthy balance and ensure enough time is spent doing what you love and enjoy. However, for many, it’s an ongoing process which requires a continuous evaluation of how their time is being spent. Balance can be achieved if you find what works best for you and create the time for activities that you love. Below, you’re going to find out how you can make work-life balance a reality if you’re struggling to do so.

Separate Work From Home

People often struggle with separating work from home. However, if you ever want to achieve any kind of work-life balance, learning to do so is important. One of the approaches that you can try is learning to work smart as well as hard. This means being more productive while you’re at work so that you don’t end up needing to do work while you’re at home. Exercising regularly could also help give you the energy and boost you need to work more productively.

Negotiate Work Hours

If you find that despite your efforts to create balance at work you still can’t seem to escape your workload, perhaps consider negotiating your work hours with your employer. Work pressure and long hours are said to be the most common factors impacting work-life balance. If this is the case for you, have a discussion with your employer regarding how you feel and the effect that the long hours may be having on you and see if your workload can be reduced. If you find that you’re becoming overwhelmed and any terms of your contract are being breached, you could also take it up with a solicitor and explore the option of compromise agreements if you win.

Schedule Leisure Time

Unfortunately, leisure time doesn’t always fall into your lap which means it may have to be scheduled. You should create opportunities to do things that you enjoy and spend time with people who matter to you. Research shows that physical activity is important to employees and many wish they had more time to exercise. You should, therefore, think about engaging in a sport or dance class next time you schedule time off.

Maintain Meaningful Relationships

One of the things you should find yourself doing to create a work-life balance is nurture your relationships. When you’re busy working all of the time, it’s easy to lose track of these relationships, so keeping in touch and reconnecting with them regularly is key. You can do so by taking the time out to send a simple text or including quality time with them in your schedule.


Work-life balance is something that can be achieved when you make it a priority. If not, you find that you continuously chime away at work and never seem to have enough time for anything else. By learning to separate work from your personal life and planning activities ahead of time as mentioned above, you should find that you can begin to enjoy the best of both worlds.


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