How to Survive the Winter in Paisley

Those of us who’ve lived here a long time know winter can be mercilessly cold and a little depressing. Of the thousands of international students who have chosen to make Paisley their home, many will soon experience their first ever Scottish winter in full force.

Whether you’re a long-time local or a new arrival, you’ll need some tips for getting through the season. Luckily, Paisley has plenty of cosy spots in which to seek refuge when the icy Atlantic winds get a little too much. Here’s your guide to surviving winter in Paisley.

Warm Up with a Hot Chocolate

When the ever-earlier dark nights start setting in, your first port of call should be one of the cute and cosy cafes are dotted across the city, to warm yourself up with a tasty hot beverage. For Alice in Wonderland vibes in a truly magical atmosphere, settle in with a cup of tea and a vegan brownie at Mad Hatter’s Cafe on Gauze Street.

If you want somewhere equally comforting but with more of a hipster vibe, you can’t do much better than the Grumpy Monkey over on Moss Street, which does some of the best coffee in town. For the ultimate no-nonsense Scottish experience, Skirlies Cafe on Broomlands Street will be more than happy to serve you a Scottish breakfast to set you up for the entire winter, all for just a few quid. 

Embrace the Art of a Night-In

Sometimes the best way to get through the winter is to avoid it entirely. Choosing this strategy means setting up your living situation so you have a warm and cosy refuge to come back to every night. Start by stocking up on some cute pillows and blankets, ideally from the vintage paradise that is the Paisley Lace Boutique

Next, make sure you have plenty of entertainment to see you through those long nights. Load up on all the Scottish TV Shows Netflix has to offer, with some American classics sprinkled in for good measure. You’ll want to ensure you have plenty of online games to hand to keep you entertained, such as online casinos and betting. You’ll be able to bet on all the latest sporting action from around the world by giving some of the top online betting platforms a try, meaning you might even be able to win some money to buy that ridiculously comfy cashmere jumper you’ve been eyeing up. 

Enjoy the Museums and Galleries

Since spending pretty much any time outside is a big no-no, you’ll want to get better acquainted with Paisley’s wonderful museums and galleries. The Paisley Museum has more than enough to keep you warm and entertained for the day and you’ll get to learn about the fascinating history of the region. You’ll also want to hit up the 17th century Weaver’s Cottage for maximum cosiness, as this place also has an open fireplace burning all through the winter. Well worth the trip to Kilbarchan.

Paisley may be cold, but it’s also a magical place in the winter. With the right strategy, winter in Paisley could be your favourite time of year.