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ministry of justice

Newlands, the SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, spoke in today’s General Debate on Victims Strategy. He used his speech to highlight the leading work carried out by Renfrewshire Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC).

The debate follows the publication of the UK Government’s Victims Strategy, which despite cross-party consensus for reform, has come under criticism from across the political spectrum.

ministry of justice

Renfrewshire MARAC provides excellent advice, information, and advocacy for victims and those at high risk of domestic abuse, and it has been rated by SafeLives Scotland as the most effective MARAC in Scotland.

Speaking in the debate, Gavin said:

“I recently attended an extremely enlightening training day with Renfrewshire Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference, or MARAC, to learn about the support they provide to victims. They work with multiple agencies to provide effective one to one support, advice, and advocacy throughout their experience. This is an extremely difficult task; but Renfrewshire MARAC is leading the way in providing this support for victims, 95% of who are women.

“Renfrewshire MARAC have carried our 250 sensitive routine enquiry training sessions including risk identification to health visitors, family nurses, and community mental health nurses including psychiatrists and psychologists, and partners within addiction services. This work is essential to making the process of identifying abuse as easy as possible for the victim.

“They will also deliver domestic abuse awareness training to 66 housing officers including homeless services staff, which dovetails well with the commitment made by the Scottish Government to train all frontline police officers and the new Domestic Abuse legislation that has just recently gone through Holyrood.

I encourage those who wish to promote this kind of victim support to speak to Maxine and her MARAC team to learn and apply all they can from.”