How to Settle into a New Life in Scotland

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Scotland is known for its history, its stunning landscapes, and its great quality of life. In 2016, it was ranked as the best place in the UK to live. What’s more, the Scots are more accepting of minorities, their youth have greater freedoms, and their education system welcomes in more students than elsewhere in the UK. It is also, unsurprisingly, great for its environmentalism and conservation efforts. If you want to slow down and escape to the Scottish countryside, or make a new home in one of her excellent cities, Scotland is the perfect destination to make your new home.


To help you settle into a new life in Scotland, consider the following steps.


Travel Through It

The single best way to find where you belong is to travel. How often do you truly go through all the wonder and splendour that a country has, except when you travel from place to place on a road trip? Go through Scotland, by yourself or with friends, and you will be rewarded with more than just pretty towns, but some of the best landscapes in the world.


Find Your Next Dream Job

Once you have travelled through the country, it’s time to find jobs in the areas you enjoyed best. By looking for jobs in Glasgow as well as the smaller towns you enjoyed, you can open up your opens and move to where you enjoy, to a job you’ll love. If you have your heart set on one specific location, however, remember that it is okay to find a job fast, even if it isn’t your dream job. Just never let yourself settle. Work on improving your skills, your CV, and keep an eye on job openings so that you can start your dream career as soon as possible.


Settle In

Having a great job in a city that you feel a connection with is a great first start, but settling in requires a few more steps. To start, find a flat or a home, and then work on making friends and becoming part of the community.



  • Make Friends


Humans are naturally very social creatures, meaning we do not survive well without the close bond of friendships. Now, though it might seem difficult to make friends as an adult, it isn’t. Start first by trying to become friends with your co-workers and meeting their friends and friends of friends. This is the most natural and simplest path to follow. The other avenue you can take to forge friendships is by becoming more involved with the community.



  • Become Part of a Community


Whether you are a vintage lover at heart, or you love to swim, or anything in-between, there will be a community out there for you to join. The only thing left is to join them. Find local classes, attend events, and put yourself out there. It will take time, but the more often you integrate with communities you are passionate about, the more friends you will be able to make.


Starting anew is never easy. It takes time and patience, but when you have found the place that feels like home, all the effort will pay off. Scotland can be where you feel like you truly belong, if you only gave it a chance.