5 Proofs Traveling Alone Changes You

Today, we can’t live without our phones. We can’t do anything without them. Ten years ago, things looked differently. We were at least able to ask our crush “Do you have some free time in the afternoon?” Now, socializing brings anxiety and stress with it. And so does traveling.

Nowadays, even if we have plenty of technology available and access to information, we still have a lot of inside fears. One of the most common ones is the fear of being alone. And this is the reason why traveling scares most people.

However, I also know some people who have traveled alone for days or even months, and now they look like they are completely changed in a better way. Moving apart gives them enough time to know themselves in a variety of situations.

I also go alone very often for three or four days in the mountains, and it is incredible. In the beginning, it felt a little bit strange because mind was wandering a lot. Being unable to control my thoughts scared me. But I overcome my fear and know I enjoy every little thing from this world. I became more self aware and mindful after these experiences.

Traveling alone changes you. But why? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

  1. Moving alone will give you the chance to know more about you

When I went by my own, I had to talk with me more often than I do when I am with other people, and this thing makes me feel proud about myself. People who travel alone develop a new way of thinking which makes them more rational about everything in their lives and more mindful. When you are alone, you get to know yourself even better than before. And that opens up doors and wider horizons.

  1. Traveling alone shows you that you don’t need so many friends as you think you should

By giving you some time to yourself, you will realize that you don’t need a lot of friends in your life – at least not as much as you thought you do. Your body and mind develop in a different way, and you perceive things differently. You enjoy the small things in life alone, and understand that if your happiness depends on other people, it might not be inherently true. You start re-evaluating your life and might make important life changes.

  1. Travelling alone is easier for your mind than going with somebody

Imagine you’re climbing a peak on the highest mountain in your area, everything is quiet enough to hear your thoughts.  What can you possibly want besides this? Nothing. You have time to meditate, practice yoga, and contemplate on your life. Another person would only distract you from yourself.

  1. Travelling alone is the best way to start a journal

On my second trip alone to the mountains I started my journal, and today I also write something there after about two years from my first entry. Ken Johnson, freelancer at Assignment Masters, shares his story. “Traveling and writing go well together. If you ever feel alone or scared, write it down in your journal. Keep track of your thoughts and feelings and don’t be afraid of your emotions. Let them flow free.”

  1. Travelling alone let you be a part of nature

While you’re there, your way of thinking will change because you will be one with the nature, or one with all of the places you are visiting. You will learn how to find food, how to protect yourself even better, how to interact, communicate with other individuals, and be independent.


No matter how hard it is for most of us to travel alone, we change a lot during the process. We start to understand what life is all about, become less fearful, and stronger. Try it, it will change your life.