5 Best Slots on Bitcoin in 2018

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Bitcoin is defined as a cryptocurrency that was created by a Satoshi Nakamoto, a group of software developers in 2009. “The primary motive was to introduce a new peer-to-peer online cash system that is not regulated by any bank or central authority bodies”- stated in http://bitcoincasinosonly.com/. Known as “digital gold,” Bitcoins are now widely accepted by many casinos for online transactions. Bitcoins can be easily bought from cryptocurrency exchanges using real money. Though the discussion is still going on whether Bitcoin is a good investment or not, many people are still buying it for its advantages. Some of the best casinos that accept Bitcoins are stated below.



Established with the aim of promoting Bitcoin, Betchain is a well known online casino. It only accepts Bitcoin; though recently, it has started accepting other currencies. With excellent security features, mobile gaming and excellent customer support, Betchain remains to be in the top of the list. They offer unique bonuses to their customers to keep them engaged in gambling. They even provide the customers with fair games where the customers can check whether the bet was appropriate or not.


  1. MBIT

Founded in 2014, this online gambling site has been a favourite for people all over the world for various reasons. For sign-up, it only requires an e-mail id and nothing else. Verified by RNG for fairness and over 1000 new games each week, Mbit tries to make it interesting for the customers so that they will not get bored. Safety, easy transactions and instant deposit without any extra fees are other reasons for the popularity of Mbit among the people.



One of the oldest and the best casinos that accepts Bitcoins as a currency. With over 500 games to choose from, fortune Jack is considered the safest online casino ever. It is compatible with all devices whether Android or iOS and can be accessed by anyone. With such facilities, fortune Jack continues to attract customers for online casino every year. It even provides the customers with welcome bonuses and free spins when they first sign up for an online casino. Live games, freeroll poker tournaments and many such exciting offers along with the best safety for transactions. Fortune jack is for anyone who loves online casinos.



Run by the Curacao government, Bitstarz is one of the most famous online casinos. It is known not only for its amazing offers but also for its honesty and excellent customer services. It has a feature called no-deposit bonus where the customers do not have to have any fixed amount for the bonus to avail. It provides high-quality games and new features each week too. One can even bet on live sports through Bitstarz.



One of the newest casinos, Vegas casino, has already started accepting Bitcoin as a currency. Live casino games and enhanced security is making it the new favourite in the town. It is still improving in every aspect and promises to be one of the best casinos. It has everything that a Bitcoin gambling needs, i.e. security, fantastic offers and excellent customer services. Despite being a new online casino, it is one of the best Bitcoin casinos in the market.



Using this cryptocurrency in casinos has many advantages. Some of the positive aspects are as follows.


  • With fast and secure transaction than other online methods, Bitcoins are preferred more than other conventional methods. One needs to have a legal wallet for the online transaction.


  • One can stay anonymous while doing an online transaction through Bitcoin as it does not require any details like name and bank name for the process. It provides security where no one can know the person’s identity while playing.


  • Using this type of payment, a person can see whether the bet was fairly played or not. This is one of the best advantages, due to which people prefer Bitcoin gambling rather than other options.

Bitcoin wallets are challenging to hack, which makes it extra secure. The future of digital currency, Bitcoin is just the start and would be a massive success in the future. With fast transactions and safe deposit, these cryptocurrency transactions are becoming more popular day by day. One needs to buy a legal cryptocurrency wallet and Bitcoins from a licensed exchange, by using real currency and then he/she can get relief from the money invested in the Bitcoins. These are digital money which means one can remain cashless and whenever required can use these assets for any purpose. Bitcoin gambling has become the new trend and would continue to be so because of such amazing advantages.