4 Easy Ways To Update Your Home

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When you’ve lived in your house for a number of years, it is easy to become bored with the fixtures and fittings, and feel the space is slightly outdated. Changing your look of your home can seem like a mammoth task which can put people off if they don’t know where to start. If you feel your home needs a makeover, but you are working with a limited amount of time on your hands and a limited budget, then read below to get inspired, with four easy ways to update your home.

Move The Furniture Around

One way to re-jig your living space without it costing a penny is by moving the furniture around. The art of Feng Shui been practised for many years, and bring this into your home by spending an afternoon moving your furniture around. Perhaps your sofa would look better at a different angle? What about moving the bed 90 degrees the other way? If you want to give your home a quick and easy update, play around with the furniture to see if another layout would suit the room more. You never know; you could find a layout that capitalises on space that you would have never considered before.

Change the flooring

Changing the flooring can completely transform the look of a room. If you are looking for a modern option that can help keep the room looking open, which is easy to clean and also durable, opt for wooden flooring instead of carpet. This can easily be softened with a colourful rug if you want some soft textures. Visit Kensyard.co.uk to check out the latest flooring options that can give your home a completely new look, while a durability guarantee means you will be making a worthy investment.

Update the furnishings

One easy way to transform the look of a space is by updating the furnishings. This could be the blinds, curtains, cushions, throws or lamps, for example. Updating the furnishing wouldn’t cost the earth, and you may be surprised at how much furnishings can impact a room. Maybe you have dark, heavy curtains, and want to upgrade to light Venetian blinds? Get ready for winter with cosy colours such as burgundy and navy, and opt for comfy throws as opposed to lighter linen options that have kept you going throughout summer. Tartan prints are forever popular, or perhaps a chunky knit aesthetic is what you are looking for.

Consider the Outdoor Space

The outdoor patio area is sometimes overlooked when people think about giving their home a re-vamp. However, if you love your garden and enjoy spending time outside, you should consider whether you are making the most of your outdoor space. You can easily give this a spruce up without it costing a lot. Get other family members involved if necessary, and maybe consider updating your patio furniture, or adding a chiminea if the space allows.  Spend some time thinking about plants or trees you could add to your garden, too, for an extra pop of colour and character.