5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling to South Africa

Paisley food Festival

South Africa, just like most African countries, has a wide range of attractive features. Since the end of the apartheid, this African country located in the southernmost end of the continent has set itself has the top tourist destination in Africa. The country is famous for Table Mountain, wine route, beautiful beaches, Cape Town, and game viewing in national parks such as Kruger among others. If you are looking for food, wine tour, or rugged adventure, you will get it also in South Africa.


In fact, the country is the preferred destination for most Westerners as they speak English, have diversified cosmopolitan and modern culture. It’s important to plan your visit in advance before you decide to fly to the South African country. Just know what to expect!


Here we look at five things you need to know.

Security in South Africa

Recently, the country has been hitting the headlines for the wrong reason: high crime rates. The social issues may be frightening and you may think the country is not safe to travel. Well, some of these happen in places not frequented by tourists. You can enjoy your trip in South Africa without being in a state of panic.


The locals are very friendly and always ready to help if you need any sort of assistance. Therefore, the issues of security should not deter you from visiting this awesome country. What you need to avoid is wearing flashy jewelry, listening to your iPod or playing your smartphone in public to shun attracting attention.

Languages Spoken in the Country

South Africans speak English as their second language. So, you won’t expect a communication barrier while in the country. Furthermore, there are 10 more local languages spoken in South Africa. Therefore, if you decide to learn the basic terms of the local dialect, make sure you research the languages spoken in the areas you want to visit since not everyone speaks the ten languages.

Hire a Car or Take an Uber to Travel Around

Driving yourself in South Africa is relatively safe and the best way to travel around the country. It’s so cheap to hire a car. If you decide to drive yourself, remember that South Africans drive on the left side. Additionally, make sure that you get full insurance protection and avoid driving after the dark. If you decide against hiring a car, never hire a taxi service as the drivers will exploit you. Instead, take an Uber or the private buses companies operating across the country.

South African Cuisine

The country’s cuisine has been influenced by its colonial past and indigenous cultures thus making it a multicultural in nature. Some of the countries that have influenced South African cuisine include the UK, the Netherlands, India, Portugal, Germany, and Malaysia. You will get to see the flavors represented in their traditional dishes. Whether you would like to try traditional dishes or delicious vegetarian, South Africa offers it all!

South Africa is a Vast Country

The local aircraft operators such as the Kulula Airlines offer flight services across the major South African cities. Mostly, tourists are attracted to these bigger cities such as Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Beyond the bigger cities, there are also other major attractions. Therefore, you need to plan your routes beforehand as exploring the entire country can take months.


South Africa is the best country to visit in the African continent. Just know a few things here and there to avoid surprises while in the Country. Furthermore, safety should not be a deterrent from visiting the country as security issues are rare in places frequented by tourists.