Paisley to London: How to Find a Student Job Quickly

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This year the Office of National Statistics reported a historicincrease in unemployment for young people, with almost 1.5 million people under the age of 24 currently remaining jobless. Such stats can be discouraging when you’re a student who is already having trouble finding a job, but the good news is that the overall unemployment rate is still only at about 4.4%. In other words, more than 95% of the UK population is still employed, so you should be highly optimistic about your ability to find work if you’re truly motivated to do so. With that said, here are several universal tips you can use to quickly find a student job whether you’re in Paisley or London.

Consider Quick Start Jobs

When you’re in desperate need of a job and don’t want to wait for an opportunity to open up, quick start jobs are definitely the most ideal options to consider. These job listings help you match up with employers who need help just as badly as you need a job, so the double-sided urgency definitely works in favour of students in search of expeditious employment. There are even specialised directories that are solely dedicated to listing such urgent openings. For example, you can check out the quick startjobs from Staff Heroes to compare quick temp jobs currently available in the UK.

Conduct an Online Job Search

In addition to searching within quick start job directories, you could also create profiles on major job search sites to carry out a more inclusive search. The reason why quick start jobs should be considered first is because many generic job search sites will list opportunities that require experience, credentials, or training, all of which are negatives when you’re looking for a job that you can start tomorrow.

Don’t Overlook Offline Searching

While an online job search is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to start comparing your options from home, if your goal is to find a local job quickly then you may have even better luck taking the offline approach. Many local businesses still advertise job openings in the newspaper and on noticeboards. In fact, believe it or not you can still land a job on the spot by simply walking into a place and asking if they’re hiring, so spending a few days to embark on an offline job hunt may still be worthwhile.

Look in the Retail and Marketing Sectors

Entry-level jobs in the retail and marketing industries tend to fall under the quick start category because you don’t need extensive experience or education to get started. Furthermore, the large number of positions and the high volume of business conducted in these sectors means that there are always new openings popping up in every city. Companies need employees to tend to their stores and help facilitate sales, so these jobs are a cornerstone of the economy and are therefore widely available.

Apprenticeships and Paid Internships

If you already have your sights set on a specific career path and are currently in the process of building your resume, you may want to research applicable apprenticeships in your field. Likewise, paid internships can boost your income while also allowing you to gain the experience needed to satisfy the requirements of future prospective employees.

The Merits of More Patient Approach

Although gaining an income as quickly as possible might be on the top of your list of priorities at the moment, remaining patient and selective may be a better course of action. After all, if you opt for the first job you’re able to get, there’s a good chance you’ll be selling yourself short.