paisley-SW-AI and Online Casinos What Does the Future Hold

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Technology has grown at an unimaginable rate in the last decade or so. From being able to shop online to gamble online to virtual reality, technology is everywhere. The latest development comes in AI or Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be defined as a machine which evolves itself and discovers relationships. It doesn’t need to be programmed explicitly. AI can do complex calculations, pattern recognition, problem-solving to name a few. Not only can it do these, it can keep learning and applying it appropriately. The possibilities of its work in the later years is a question for the researchers. Will it be an asset for humanity or be something that can only originate in sci-fi movies? Let’s leave that to the scientists and see how it affects gambling and online gaming world.


Data Gathering and Utilisation


Casinos can provide better services if it has more data. This data can be: how much the players bet, the online casino games they are ready to bet on and many more. AI can use this data to further benefit both the players and the casino.


AI Security


Some of the most reputed UK online casinos such as Spinzwin casino offer impressive credits and attractive offers for new members. Miscreants can misuse this opportunity, thereby committing fraud. Moreover, online casinos handle sensitive credit card information and AI can provide an additional layer of protection. In this case, AI can learn the pattern and flag any suspicious incident.


AI vs Brain


AI has been participating in games against players in real time and winning against them too. This long range of games includes chess, poker and so on. The hand that the opponent holds is hidden from the player. It is complicated to think for the other player and deduct what approach the person might be taking. There are so many variables for a computer to consider. What would happen when a time comes when an AI can beat the best players at poker. The AI robot Claudio has defeated the best players at poker a year back in Pittsburgh.


AI bots

Bots abusing the online casinos have always been a problem for the operators. The problem was not that big since bots weren’t designed to beat the human counterparts. AI bots can play in online casinos, it can’t be identified easily. Online casinos have been constantly finding ways to stop AI bots. AI bots in online casino games will mean a loss for the casino operators since it might defeat the players again and again.


Every technology can be used for a beneficial purpose, but not everything is as it’s supposed to be. While AI can be a potential solution to many problems, it also carries potential risk. If used wisely, AI can give a much-needed boost to the gambling industry. It can predict human behaviour and flag suspicious activity, even identify AI bots before they bankrupt the casinos.