Can Smartwatch Gaming Beat Mobile Gaming?

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Games have crossed the point where it needed a console or a TV to work. As the screens kept shrinking, the games kept evolving from a desktop to a mobile phone. This did not deter the players who now, along with the game developers, have shifted focus onto mobile gaming. The visual quality and the graphics are almost equal or better than gaming laptops.


Smartphone gaming vs Smartwatch gaming


Even casino games are available online for the convenience of the customers. Bingo games are now being developed for use in mobiles too. But now that the smartwatches are here, how logical would it be to move games to smartwatch as well. The smartwatch has its own logical issues like screen size but that same issue was raised when gaming moved to mobile. With technological development, screen size can be a thing of the past. Also, for a smartwatch to be used for gaming, proximity to a mobile phone is needed. What about the thought of marketing via your mobile? Have you ever thought of that?


Smartwatches are not as prevalent as smartphones, but app developers are not undermining its reach and potential. But with the developers being more creative, who’s to say that smartwatch gaming is not possible. But let’s see what the constraints might be the developers will have to overcome.


Screen Size


The screen size will be a constraint since it’s a watch and must fit your wrists too. But with the influx of smartwatch games in the iPhone and Android market, one can hope that small versions of your favourite games can be released. But seeing from a casino point of view, one must wonder how all the interesting visual interfaces that come with best bingo sites and online casino games can fit in a smartwatch. Card games might be a possibility only if the player’s hand is visible on the screen. But highly unlikely that it can move from mobile gaming to smartwatch gaming.




Imagine the surprise when a bunch of developers reimagined a few crowd favourite games for the smartwatch. Smartwatch is still in its infancy, so the graphics interface needs a lot more development. But even then, it’s not possible for a smartwatch to reach the potential of a smartphone. While developers are already making it work for simple games with easy interfaces, advanced graphics is not possible.


Battery life


The battery in a smartwatch is not to be made fun of. Unlike smartphones or tablets, it can last for days, making it ideal for communication. But advanced graphical interfaces eat up the battery just like in a smartphone in a short period of time. You must be careful, it will drop like a hot potato. You might have to prioritize as usual with a smartphone, what is important.


With all the recent developments, smartwatches are the best fitness companion/tracker you will ever need. What’s not to say that it can’t be your gaming companion too! Not to be left behind the game developers, online casino operators and bingo game providers like Sailor Bingo have been looking into opportunities to extend their operation in smartwatch gaming world as well. How much that will work out need to be seen. But, smartwatch in its infancy as it is now will not be able to provide all that we demand of it.