Top Careers in Scotland for People Who Love Helping Others

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Top Careers in Scotland for People Who Love Helping Others


Choosing a career is an important step in determining long-term happiness and self-fulfilment. Many people get stuck in jobs they don’t enjoy and may not know what path to take to change their future. In today’s changing career landscape, staying in one job or profession is becoming a thing of the past, so expanding your skillset and knowledge is important for securing a career you love. Deciding on where your characteristics fit in a particular sector is key to finding work that is satisfying and rewarding. For people that want a job that not only provides personal satisfaction but helps others as well, there is a host of opportunities in Scotland that will give you both job contentment and financial reward for the things you love to do most.


Take a look at some of the top careers in the area for people that love helping others.


Nursing and healthcare


Although you have to have a degree to become a nurse in Scotland, there are many jobs in the healthcare sector that do not require higher education to apply. Beyond the many hospital jobs available, you’ll find healthcare careers in nursing homes, adult care centres and home care worker positions. This type of job offers a varied working environment with the chance to meet and care for people on a daily basis. If you have a compassionate nature and want the best for patients, this type of career may be for you.


Teaching and education


Imparting your knowledge and skills is a great way to help other people. A great career to achieve this fulfilment is in education. The education sector is a broad field with many positions from Headteachers to teaching assistant roles available. For some positions, you may need a degree, but there are also many other avenues into teaching including adult learning and teaching English as a foreign language. There are many English courses in London that can help you gain the qualifications needed to follow this career path for a successful and varied experience.


Social work


For people that want to give back to the community and support some of the most vulnerable people in the country, social work may be for you. Some of the most common jobs in this sector include working with elderly people, adults with mental health issues and children with learning difficulties. This type of work is very rewarding although not without its challenges. This job is suited to people that not only love helping others but have a compassionate and patient nature due to the high degree of change and complex situations related to this position.


There are many jobs in and around Paisley for people of all ages looking to start their career or change directions. You’ll find a host of positions in this sector plus other roles such as charity work, the emergency services and the public sector that provide a rewarding and personally satisfying role in which you can help make a difference to peoples lives.