paisley from drone

Scotland, as we know, is a truly beautiful place to visit (and Paisley in particular), so it’s no wonder that so many people want to come here from other places in the UK. What’s really interesting – and useful – to know is that there are a variety of different ways to get here, so there really is no excuse for those who want to come but don’t think they can make the journey. Here are some of the best ways to get to Scotland from the rest of the UK, so that everyone can enjoy this spectacular home of ours.


Trains arrive in Scotland from the rest of the UK every single day thanks to our fantastic and extensive rail network. It can take just over four hours to get from Kings Cross in London to Edinburgh, for example, and just another 10 minutes will get you to Glasgow. Even far away Inverness is just eight hours which might sounds like a long journey, but if you’ve got books, a tablet to watch movies on, or a laptop to get on with some work then the time will just fly past. A sleeper train is another option, and many people prefer this because it’s rather more exciting and a lot more comfortable. You can have a reasonably good place to sleep, as well as a meal or two. You’ll even have a steward to help you out.


Driving to Scotland means you have full-rein when it comes to seeing the beautiful Scottish scenery and landscape. Not only that, but you can stop at any point to stretch your legs and have a rest, and if you get out and look at the impressive views, you really will find them breathtaking. Having an economical car such as a used Peugeot 1007 will help you save money on your journey (as can sharing the driving and splitting the fuel costs) which can take many hours. For example, driving from London to Glasgow will take you a good seven hours.


If you like the idea of taking the roadways to Scotland but you don’t want to drive, or don’t know how, then why not have someone else do the driving for you? You can get a ticket on a coach for a relatively low price, but bear in mind that, due to the many additional stops required, the journey time will be longer. London to Glasgow is just over eight hours, for example.


Flying is certainly the quickest way to get to Scotland, and surprisingly it can even be the cheapest depending on when you go. There are daily flights to Inverness, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen with budget carriers such as EasyJet, and if you don’t have any checked luggage and you don’t choose to eat during the (very quick) flight you can save even more cash.


Although walking is by far the hardest way to get to Scotland (it would take 115 hours, give or take, to walk from London to Glasgow) it is certainly possible, and if the journey is just as important as the destination, it might be something you want to do.