Unique Slot Games’ Features

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Back in the days, slot machines used to offer a limited number of features. On a basic slot game, you could find just three reels with around ten symbols. These types of games awarded only paylines winnings; you get a win when three similar symbols are lined up! But, nowadays, slot games are very elaborated and are loaded with various types of features. Symbols have now taken the form of bonus symbols, multiplier symbols, scatters and wilds. While some features might be common, others are rare but rewarding. Let’s take a look at the uncommon but appealing features a slot game can be made of.


Tumbling Reels

For those who enjoy slot games with cascading reels, slot games with tumbling reels is a slight alternative! This exciting feature brings in a lot potential to win big. Tumbling reels work just the same as normal reels… but once a winning combination has been formed on the reels, the symbols will disappear making room for other symbols to appear. Thus, it’s a genius way to grab some extra winnings!

1024 Ways to Win

While 243 ways to win slot games are quite common, 1024 ways to win slot games are much better! Unlike traditional slots, on these types of games, you can grab some winnings on any left to right combinations. What is interesting in these types of slot games is the simple fact that they are no restrictions on the number of symbols. When a combination of 3 symbols is matched, you get some winnings… and if a combination of more than 3 symbols are lined up, you can get a higher win! Want to experience the thrill of a 1024 ways to win slot game? You can try out Miss White slot at Spin and Win Casino. This site proposes a variety of multiway extra slot games which can only enhance your gaming experience. Plus, the site also features many online mobile slots which you can play on the go!

Transferring Wilds

Have you ever played a game and wished that the wild symbol could teleport itself to another reel for more wins? Your wish might come true with slot games packed with transferring wilds! Transferring wild symbols are always found on slot games which consists of dual reels. On these games, the wilds will be transferred to the other set of reels, giving you more chances to win. It’s a perfect development for punters who look for massive winning potentials. One game which have this feature is the newly launched The Planet of the Apes slots, which is also playable at Spin and Win Casino.


Retriggering is the one feature which players most adore! The simple reason being that it enhances the winning possibilities. While some slot games have a limit on how many times a bonus round or free spins round can be triggered, other slot games do not have any restrictions. For instance, on some slot games, you can trigger a bonus round within an initial bonus round, when the same winning combination is aligned.