Written vocabulary: Here are tips on how to improve it.

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Tips for Enriching Your Vocabulary

Even though https://scoobydomyessay.com/ does not recommend students cramming their dictionaries to gather big words to decorate their assignments, it is still necessary to make efforts to enrich your vocabulary. The reason is that writing differs from speaking because you can try many gimmicks to pass on your message even if you lack the right words to do it. For instance, you can use your gestures if you are addressing a live audience to pass across your message. Additionally, when addressing a live audience, you can use statements like, “mmm, I mean, ehh, this thing that is used to….” and in the process, someone in the crowd can remind you the appropriate word. However, when writing, you don’t have these luxuries, meaning, you have to get it right since you don’t face your audience.

Therefore, it is necessary to polish your vocabulary so that you can have a rich way of expressing yourself more coherently, clearly, and faster. Additionally, a rich vocabulary will save you many writing errors because most likely you will abuse what you don’t know. Lastly, a rich vocabulary will save you issues with wordiness because you know many ways of expressing lengthy ideas in a single word or two. Learn how to enrich your vocabulary in the remaining sections of our post.

Sign Up for “Word of the Day” Subscriptions

With modern technology, you don’t need a physical dictionary to learn new words. You can subscribe to online and offline “word of the day” services to get daily updates. For instance, you can subscribe to an email or mobile phone service. Additionally, some of the mobile dictionary apps have this provision. By upgrading your vocabulary by one word daily, you will be shocked how much you can learn at the end of the year.

Work with Goals

If you are serious about enriching your grammar, set your development goals. Just like every other form of personal development, determine if you want to be learning 365 or 1,000 new words every year. This way, it will be easy to monitor your progress and commit yourself to a program.

Look Up All New Words

None of us knows everything, and hence, there is no shame in looking up new words. Taking time to find out the meaning and usage of every new word you read and hear is another way of enriching your vocabulary base. It is always advisable you do the search immediately you hear it to reduce the chances of forgetting to look it up.

Read Wide and Wild

The last way of enriching your vocabulary is taking time to read wide and wild. This way, you will expose yourself to new words that will sharpen your understanding level. You can choose good books and online materials to expose yourself to different usage of words.

Developing a rich vocabulary is critical if you want to succeed in your writing assignments. With the methods we have shared, you can take your proficiency to the next level and become a better writer.